The Drs: Flat Feet Subtalar Joint Implant & Back Fat Solutions


The Doctors: Flat Feet Solutions

Podiatrist Dr. Ali Sadrieh said that over 75% of people have some degree of flat foot, which can lead to problems like arthritis, bunions, knee issues, hammer toes, lower back pain, and hip problems.

The Doctors: Subtalar Joint Implant

The Doctors: Flat Feet Test

Testing your children for flat feet is an easy process at home.


Dr. Ali Sadrieh said the least invasive way to fight Flat Feet is called a Subtalar Joint Impact. The implant is placed on the opposite side of the foot from the arch, to control flattening.

Other more severe cases may require tendon lengthening or fusion procedures, involving more complex surgeries and longer recovery periods.

Flat Feet: Over The Counter Solutions

If you aren’t ready for surgery, you can find things at the drugstore to help your flat feet. An orthotic slips into your shoe to control your arch. These can also be custom made by doctors if you have a unique foot problem.


The Doctors: Flat Feet Home Test

It’s normal for young kids to have flat feet. But you can easily test your kids for flat feet at home. Dr. Jim Sears said it’s as easy as having them get their foot wet and then stepping on a dark piece of paper.

If the footprint has a steeply curved shape on one side, the child has a normal arch. But if the footprint is full and equal on both sides, it can indicate flat foot, and you should ask your pediatrician for advice on what to do for your child.

The Doctors: Back Fat Bulges & Solutions

Audience member Heather complained to The Doctors about a pad of fat between her shoulders on her back. She carefully chooses her wardrobe and even wears thick hair extensions to camouflage this fat spot.

Dr. Andrew Ordon and dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee brought Heather to the procedure room for a consultation. Dr. Ordon said that this is a common and easily treatable area for liposuction. They were performing the liposuction as they discussed that the fat in this area of the body tends to be tougher.

Dr. Sandra Lee: Back Fat Causes & Cures

Dr. Ordon said that Heather’s genetics caused her fat pad. But Dr. Sandra Lee said there are other reasons people may have fat in this area. It can be a symptom of disease or a side effect of medications like Prenisone or HIV medicine. Or it can be hereditary and benign.

Dr. Andrew Ordon said that lipsouction takes out the fat cells, making this a permanent solution for Heather.


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