The Drs: FDA Approves New IUD Skyla & All Natural Way to Treat ADHD


Doctors Fill Out 12 Prescriptions For Every American In 2012

From back pain to high cholesterol to arthritis, common health problems may not seem like a big deal. Just get a prescription from your doctor and the pain is gone. While pills may be helpful for a number of health problems, The Doctors revealed that doctors filled out on average 12 prescriptions for every American in 2012. In an industry where Americans spend $2 billion a year on prescriptions, The Doctors wanted to help everyone find ways to fight pain without the pills.

The Drs: FDA Approves New IUD Skyla & All Natural Way to Treat ADHD

The Doctors looked at the first new IUD in over 10 years to be approved by the FDA, Skyla, and they revealed an all-natural way to treat ADHD.


As The Doctors have talked about before, Americans seem to have become dependent on antibiotics, a trend that could lead to a superbug resistant to all strains of medication.

All-Natural Way To Treat ADHD

Millions of children have been diagnosed with ADHD according to Dr. Jim Sears, and most of those children are given medications to curb their symptoms but the pills are unnecessary. He said studies have shown changing the child’s diet as well as getting more exercise has been shown to work better than any ADHD pill.

Sadly, Dr. Sears said most people would rather take the easy path and pop a pill for the rest of their life instead of changing up their lifestyle.


FDA Approves First New IUD In 10 Years, Skyla

Women have a number of options of when it comes to birth control, from the pill to the ring to everything in between. A new IUD has been approved for use in America, the first in the last 10 years, with many people calling it the “set it and forget it method.”

The Skyla IUD is different than the other two IUD’s on the market because it is smaller, which makes it less painful to have inserted, and has a lower amount of estrogen, which is a benefit for women who have side effects from the amount of estrogen in other IUD’s.

One of the downsides of the Skyla IUD is that it only lasts for three years, while the other IUD’s last longer. Hopefully Skyla can count down on the unplanned pregnancies in America which The Doctors say account for 50 percent of all pregnancies in America.


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