The Drs: Fair Life Milk, Toned Celebrity Bodies & Eco Therapy

The Doctors: Drinking Milk

There is such a wide variety of milk offered to us, that it’s hard to find a kind you don’t like. Approximately 96 billion glasses of dairy milk are consumed each year. So if you’re wondering what milk is best for you, start by looking at the nutrition labels to see what’s in it. Just because it looks healthy, doesn’t mean it is. If you want to lose weight, look for a milk that is lower in sugar and calories. Other people make be looking at calcium and protein levels.


The Doctors: Fair Life Milk

The Drs: Fair Life Milk, Toned Celebrity Bodies & Eco Therapy

The Doctors talked about the variety of milk available for consumption and one new brand in particular that is trying to provide a quality produce for your entire family. (striatic / Flickr)

Dairy milk is a great source of protein and is fortified with vitamins D, A, and B. The Doctors were joined by dairy farmer and Fair Life milk co-founder, Sue McCloskey. She explained that she and her husband figured out how to filter milk to make it more nutritious, with more calcium and 50% more protein. Calcium can strength bones and teeth and protein keeps you fuller longer. Fair Life is also naturally lower in sugar, which is natural in milk. Fair Life milk is free of lactose. The nutrients in milk are incredibly important in growing children.

How do you select the type of milk you give your family?


The Doctors: Fit Celebrity Bodies

The Doctors wanted to see if you could name the famous celebrity who posted a picture of them doing yoga. The flexible celebrity was facing away from the camera, showing off a very fit body. So who was it? Ashley Judd! The Doctors then posted a picture of long, thin and toned legs, and asked the audience to guess who they belonged to. They were actually Dr Jennifer Ashton’s but Dr Drew Ordon guessed Caitlyn Jenner. They then showed videos of Dr Ashton working out. She goes hard!

The Doctors: Treating Ailments With A Nature Walk

The Doctors then talked about what is known as “green therapy” or “eco therapy” which is where ailments are treated with nature. A recent study found that a 90 minute walk through a natural environment showed lower levels of activity in the brain in the area linked to mental illness, compared to those who walked through an urban environment. It can also help with stress and weight loss. The sight of water and smell of wood can do a lot for someone! Wood was the word of the day and you can use the word “Wood” on the Doctors’ website to enter for a chance to win a handcrafted wooden watch from Analog.


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