The Drs: Expecting Twins After Vasectomy + Dating Age Gaps

The Doctors: Death Of David Bowie

There’s no doubt that David Bowie’s death was shocking and saddening for many. It was just two days after the singer released his “Blackstar” album. Bowie fought an 18-month battle with liver cancer and died peacefully surrounded by family. Although the word icon is used more often these days, there’s no denying that David Bowie was a true music icon.

David Bowie often practiced “gender bending” so he brought an entirely new thing to music. He even fought MTV, wanting more minorities in music videos. There are actually 35,000 new cases of liver and bile duct cancer a year, with 25,000 people dying from it. Bowie admitted to drug use in the past, and research has shown that drugs like cocaine used in the 70’s contained a substance linked to many cancers. Liver cancer is also linked to alcoholism.


The Doctors: Jets Player Expecting Twins After Vasectomy

The Drs: Expecting Twins After Vasectomy + Dating Age Gaps

The Doctors shared news of the NFL football player who’s wife is expecting twins after he got a vasectomy. (ljguitar / Flickr)

The Doctors then moved on to talk about a Jets player, Antonio Cromartie, who recently announced that his wife was pregnant, despite the fact that he had a vasectomy. He already has ten children, two with his wife. His wife is now pregnant with twins! Vasectomy failure does happen!


A vasectomy is a relatively simple procedure but immediately after the procedure, it’s important to make sure the procedure was a success. The Doctors then congratulated Antonio on the news, saying that he now has enough kids for an entire football team!

The Doctors: Celebrities Dating Much Younger

Next, The Doctors discussed age gaps in dating, which aren’t relatively uncommon. It’s been revealed that Patti LaBelle has a boyfriend who is 41-years-old, while she’s 71-years-old. The man, Eric Seats, is apparently a really successful drummer. Mel Gibson is reportedly dating a 24-year-old, while he is 60-years-old. Dr Jennifer Ashton said the younger partners may find it exciting to be with a more experienced person.

What do you think? Can the age gap for dating be too big? Would you date someone the same age or older than your parents?


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