The Drs: Expecting Twins After Vasectomy + Dating Age Gaps

The Doctors: Death Of David Bowie

There’s no doubt that David Bowie’s death was shocking and saddening for many. It was just two days after the singer released his “Blackstar” album. Bowie fought an 18-month battle with liver cancer and died peacefully surrounded by family. Although the word icon is used more often these days, there’s no denying that David Bowie was a true music icon.

David Bowie often practiced “gender bending” so he brought an entirely new thing to music. He even fought MTV, wanting more minorities in music videos. There are actually 35,000 new cases of liver and bile duct cancer a year, with 25,000 people dying from it. Bowie admitted to drug use in the past, and research has shown that drugs like cocaine used in the 70’s contained a substance linked to many cancers. Liver cancer is also linked to alcoholism.

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