The Drs Exotic Fruit, Incline Mattress for Acid Reflux, MamaRoo Review


The Doctors: Exotic Fruits To Get Out Of a Diet Rut

Are you stuck in a diet rut? If so, The Doctors had just the solution for you and it is probably something you have never thought of: eat more exotic food. I know no diet advice should start with the words “eat more…” but The Drs. claimed “eating outside the box” by munching on some exotic fruits could boost the immune system, fight wrinkles and give you lots of excellent nutrients. Plus it will shake up your diet and get you away from eating the same foods.

So what did The Doctors recommend to eat? Check out the list below:


The Drs Exotic Fruit, Incline Mattress for Acid Reflux, MamaRoo Review

The Doctors went over the benefits of a few exotic fruits, how an inclined mattress can help with acid reflux and how a MamaRoo can help with a fussy baby

  • Dragon Fruit – This fruit has a lot of vitamin C.
  • Black Garlic – Like regular garlic, black garlic has antioxidants but it has about double the amount.
  • Jicama – This vegetable is sort of like a potato. Dr. Andrew Ordon said it is very high in vitamin C and fiber.
  • Horn Melon – High in vitamin C.
  • Papaya – This fruit is excellent because it has about 150 percent of the recommended daily vitamin C and it can help reduce acid reflux.

The Drs: Incline Mattress for Acid Reflux

The Doctors went over some great fruits to eat to keep you healthy but all that food could be giving you acid reflux. You can eat papaya, which can help with the acid reflux, or you can try laying on an inclined air mattress.


Dr. Travis Stork explained acid reflux can happen for a number of reasons, most likely from heading to bed too soon after eating, wearing too tight of a belt and eating foods that will increase the symptoms of acid reflux. The Doctors revealed by laying on a seven degree incline air mattress, the acid will have a tougher time climbing up the esophagus.

The Doctors: MamaRoo Review

Sometimes it can be impossible to make a baby stop crying and Kayla had been having that trouble for some time now. She told The Doctors her baby had been getting colicky and no matter what she did, from bouncing to shushing to rocking, she was inconsolable at times. She needed some help, and some rest, to get her baby to stop crying.

The Drs. had just the solution for her, the MamaRoo. The MamaRoo is a swing with five different settings, from kangaroo to ocean wave, which will rock the baby back and forth, giving the mother a chance to rest her bouncing legs.

Check out the video below to see how the MamaRoo soothed Kayla’s little girl in just minutes.


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