The Drs: Estranged Husband’s Genitals Attacked With Scissors


The Drs: Wife Attacked Husband’s Genitals With Scissors

The Drs: Estranged Husband's Genitals Attacked With Scissors

The Doctors talked to the two attorneys involved in a case where a woman attacked her estranged husband with a pair of scissors. (deanhochman / flickr)

The Doctors talked about a woman named Virgina Valdez who was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. She was charged with using a pair of scissors in attempt to cut off her husband’s “family jewels.” Gloria Allred was the attorney for the victim and made it clear during the case that the man did nothing to justify the attack.


Cesar Valdez was the victim and he drove himself to the hospital after the attack. He required several stitches and shared that he was still in therapy as a result of what she did to him. Perhaps most shocking is that even after pleading guilty, Virginia received no jail time.

The Drs: Woman Plead Guilty But Didn’t Go To Jail

The Doctors were joined by the attorneys, but Virginia and Cesar were not there because they were suing each other. They also have a restraining order against one another. Gloria explained that Virginia is not in prison because there was a plea deal between the district attorney and the defense attorney. The plea deal included that she wouldn’t have to serve any time in prison. Gloria shared that Cesar is a Gulf War and Vietnam War veteran, but after three years of waiting for the case to go to trial, he finally agreed to let her enter a plea and be sentenced to probation and more than 400 hours of community service, as well as a 10-year restraining order.

Bryan Altman, Virginia’s attorney, explained that Virginia acted in complete self-defense. He explained that Cesar manipulated his way into her home, after they had been separated and going through a divorce. He pushed her into another room and began to assault her, ordering her to get on her knees. He said they were married for 36 years and she endured years of abuse.


The Drs: Estranged Couple Assault Case

Gloria said there was no basis at all for a self-defense claim, and said Virginia instigated the intimacy. He alleges that it was all part of her plan to have him lie on the bed in a vulnerable state so that she could then attack him with the scissors. Dr Travis Stork said no one may ever know the true facts of the case, other than Cesar and Virginia.

The Drs: Domestic Violence Discussion

Gloria said women in long marriages often have a lot of rage, some of which is justified. But using violence against your spouse is wrong, no matter if the victim is a woman or a man.

Dr Rachael Ross said victims of domestic violence rarely feel justified about how their perpetrator are prosecuted. You will rarely see them behind bars and if they do, it’s never for an extended period of time. If you’re a victim of domestic violence, the earlier you seek help from people around you, the more likely you are to avoid a horrible outcome like this one.

Do you think Virginia should have served time for the assault? Who do you believe in this case?


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