The Drs: Ensure Clear Nutritional Drink & Staying Healthy While Aging

The Doctors: Staying Healthy As You Age

Dietician Molly Gee informed aging viewers of The Doctors TV show how to thrive in their prime. According to Gee, aging used to mean slowing down and waiting for father time to take over, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Thriving means adding quality years to your life by leading an active lifestyle and making healthy choices.

A viewer, Chris, sent in a video and said that she plays golf three to four times a week, but as she gets older she’s having a hard time staying focused and keeping her energy up. She said she has four children, five including her husband, and needs all the energy she can get.


The Drs: Ensure Clear Nutritional Drink & Staying Healthy While Aging

As you age, it’s so important to keep up with exercising and a healthy diet. To get all of your essential nutrients, dietician Molly Gee suggests drinking the Ensure Clear nutritional drink.

The Doctors: Fitness and Nutritious Diet Help You Age Well

Chris appeared on The Drs. to talk about her energy issues with Gee and Dr. Andrew Ordon. Dr. Ordon said that a well-rounded fitness program can help you against cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. Exercise also increases life expectancy and helps people maintain independence.

It’s also important to eat healthy, which is sometimes hard to do. Gee said that one in three adults are missing out on essential vitamins and nutrients. Vitamins A, D, E and K and minerals calcium and magnesium are often missed by adults.


The Doctors: Ensure Clear Nutritional Drink Review

Some things we all should be eating to get our nutrients are colorful fruits and vegetables, legumes, fish, low fat dairy, nuts and eggs. Incorporating these lean protein foods into your diet helps maintain muscle.

Chris said that she’s always on the go or on the course and it’s tough to find healthy snacks. Gee recommended the Ensure Clear nutritional drink. These drinks have nine grams of protein, which is three times more than the leading apple or orange juice. There are zero grams of fat and 21 vitamins and minerals in the Ensure Clear nutritional drink. Learn more tips to stay active and healthy in the video below.


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