The Drs: EmWave2 Biofeedback & Headache Reliever Compression Wrap


The Doctors: Headache Remedies

Here are some tips to battle chronic tension headaches. Different headaches and patients will respond to different treatments.

The Drs: Headache Product Reviews

The Doctors shared different products and treatments for tension headaches.


The Doctors: EmWave2 Biofeedback Review

Biofeedback devices, like the EmWave2, help synchronize breathing using LED lights and audio cues, which can reduce tension. You can purchase an EmWave2 Biofeedback Device by clicking here.

The Drs: Headache Reliever Compression Wrap Review

For sinus headaches, try a Headache Reliever Compression Wrap. Click here to purchase your Headache Reliever Compression Wrap.

Cool Wrap & Darkness

Dr. Travis Stork said many of his patients are helped by cool wraps, then lying down in a dark room. This is especially effective for migraines.


The Drs: Botox Headache Relief

Targeted injections of Botox can actually help reduce migraine symptoms, according to The Doctors.

Hairbrush For Headaches

Brushing your hair stimulates circulation in your scalp, which changes the blood flow and can sooth your headache.

Your doctor may have more remedies for your chronic headache or migraines.

The Drs TV: How To Find A Doctor

Dr. Travis Stork & Dr. Lisa Masterson shared tips to help you pick the right doctor for you.

Word Of Mouth

Ask friends and family for recommendations. They’ll be able to share their experiences and opinions with you. You can also ask your primary care doctor for referrals to specialists.

Certification Matters Website Review & Doc Board Website Review

Check a doctor’s credentials using online websites like and This can turn up complaints and even malpractice issues.

Patterns In Online Comments

Some online sites let patients leave comments about individual doctors. Take the extreme positive or negative cases with a grain of salt, and instead look for patterns among many patients.

Ease Of Access

Look for a doctor whose office is convenient for you to visit. That means not only location but also hours of operation that fit your schedule.

Meet In Person

When you think you’ve found a good doctor, go visit the office to meet the doctor and staff, to make sure you feel comfortable with them.


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