The Drs: Eating Carbs Before Bed + Rita Wilson Cancer Free


The Doctors: Carbs Before Bed

Eating carbs at night can make you gain weight, right? That’s what we’ve been hearing, but is it true? Dr Rachael Ross said she always tells people to eat their carb-loaded meals earlier in the day so that they have time to burn it off before going to bed. If you’re asleep, your metabolism slows down, which means you can’t burn off all the carbs.


It comes down to how much you’re eating throughout the day in total. If you eat simple carbs or a sweet snack before bed, you’re likely going to gain weight. Complex carbs don’t cause a blood sugar spike, which means you’re not storing as much fat.

The Drs: Eating Carbs Before Bed + Rita Wilson Cancer Free

The Doctors shared the truth about eating carbs before bed and whether it truly leads to weight gain. ([email protected] / Flickr)

Dr Rachael enjoys popcicles before bed, while Dr Travis Stork enjoys either dark chocolate or Greek yogurt with a little honey. What’s your go-to bedtime snack?


The Doctors: Makeup Artist Transforms Into Celebrities

Jan Bonito is a makeup artist, but some call him a human shape-shifter who can transform himself into any celebrity using just makeup. Earlier in the show, Jan transformed himself into Cookie from Empire. Jan explained that he loves to challenge himself and it all started during beauty school. He said it’s basically like a painting so it usually just takes him about 2 hours. He said reecntly Snoop Dogg was his favorite, and he certainly looked just like him.

The Doctors: Sibling Disappointed In Gender Reveal

Next, The Doctors shared a video of what happened when three siblings found out the gender of their new sibling. They cut into a cake, revealing a pink color, and the boy started crying saying he didn’t want another sister, so he didn’t want to eat the cake. “It’s stupid!” the boy cried.

The good news is, according to The Doctors, gender disappointment usually goes away once the baby is born and family members meet the baby for the first time! Time was the word of the day and you can use the word time to enter for a chance to win an Ancestry DNA kit.

The Doctors: Rita Wilson Cancer Free

The Doctors News in 2:00 began with The Doctors reporting that Rita Wilson is now cancer free! The actress made the announcement at the Hollywood Reporter annual women in entertainment breakfast. Wilson was diagnosed with breast cancer in March and underwent a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. In February, Wilson will go on a cross-country tour with her Cabaret act, accompanied by her husband Tom Hanks.

Wilson was quoted as saying she wants “…to show people that you can have cancer, and you can can still be out there doing what you love to do, and it’s not a death sentence like it used to be.”

The Doctors: CDC On Health Education

The CDC has officially given a failing grade to sex education in the United States. New information shows that high schools and middle schools are lacking in teaching basic information about abstinence, condom use, and STD and HIV prevention. The CDC said “it’s important to teach students about healthy relationships, and how to reduce sexual risk…”

According to the CDC, almost half of the 20 million new STD’s reported each year occur among people under the age of 24.

The Doctors: We Can End Gun Violence Campaign

President Obama and a myriad of celebrities including Jennifer Aniston, Amy Schumer, and Michael J. Fox, speak out against gun violence in America, following the shootings in San Bernardino, California. The campaign’s website,, encourages non-celebrities to add their own personal message to the evolving video.

The Doctors: Business Cards Help With Eye Makeup

One item in your wallet than can perfect your eye makeup is a business card. You can use the card to control your eye shadow by placing it at an angle on the corner of your eye, touching the tip of your nose. It keeps you from making a mess. Dr Rachael then used Dr Drew Ordon as her model to show how it’s done, and he certainly looked beautiful after!


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