The Drs: Earthworm Poop Anti-Aging Wrinkle Butter Facial Review


The Doctors: Why Do I Have Black Snot In The Morning?

Back outside Roscoe’s Chicken And Waffles, comedian and special correspondent Loni Love had another viewer question, this time from someone named Leslie.

Leslie said she sometimes sees black snot when she blows her nose in the morning, usually after she has slept in her makeup. She wondered if this snot is mascara, and if it’s harmful.


The Drs: Earthworm Poop Facial

Earthworm excrement is the basis of a trendy new beauty product that fights wrinkles and aging.

The Doctors: Black Snot Causes

Dr. Andrew Ordon said it’s probably dried blood, which can be caused by dry area. Your mucus and nose lining dries up while you’re sleeping. If the interior of your nose begins to bleed while you are sleeping, it may form a dark clot, which you would see when blowing your nose.

Dr. Travis Stork recommended trying a Humidifier, or using Nasal Saline to see if that helps hydrate your nasal passages overnight. Dr. Jim Sears suggested trying ointment.


The Doctors: Earthworm Poop Facial

Executive Producer Carla Pennington chimed in with another dare for one of The Doctors. Celebrities use stylists and makeup artists to get ready for the red carpet employing many different tactics and special products. But they also have another beauty secret: Earthworm Poop, which contains Copper Peptides and other beautifying benefits.

Dr. Travis was the target of the Earthworm Poop Dare. It’s all about the poop, according to Aesthetician Kelley West. Earthworm Excrement is combined with Green Tea Extract, which has soothing properties, Hyaluronic Acid for skin moisturizer, and Cytokines, which have been shown to delay the aging process in plants.

The Drs: Earthworm Poop Face Mask Review

Kelley applied the Earthworm Poop Facial to one side of Dr. Travis’s face. The Doctors commented that it doesn’t smell like poop, and actually has a pleasant aroma, probably because of the other ingredients that are mixed into the product.

Kelley added that this can also be great for guys who suffer from razor rash. The facial stays on for five to ten minutes, and then you wash it off. You can find this Earthworm Anti-Aging Wrinkle Butter at

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