The Drs: Drunk Driving Vs Sick Driving & How To Treat Bronchitis


The Doctors: Sick Driving = Drunk Driving?

Is driving with a cold as dangerous as driving drunk? News reports claim that British researchers believe cold and flu sufferers are causing more accidents than we realize. One police officer suggested that reaching for a tissue or other item while you are sick takes your focus away from the road.

An insurance company studied the effects of colds on drivers. A researcher joined The Doctors by phone to share the results of a study, which found that driving while sick is equivalent to driving after four shots of liquor.


The Doctors: Driving Drunk Vs Driving Sick

A British study finds driving while sick is as dangerous as driving drunk.

How Many Accidents Do Sick Drivers Cause

Nigel Lacy, a representative from Young Marmalade, explained they tried to calculate the volume of accidents caused by these illness conditions. He said they estimated cold and flu sufferers cause 125,000 accidents per year in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Travis Stork said having a cold or the flu means you’re not in top form mentally.


Are You Too Sick To Drive

“If you’re too sick to go to work, maybe you’re too sick to drive,” Dr. Jim Sears suggested. Dr. Andrew Ordon said any impairment, whether it’s texting, illness, or alcohol, is a bad idea when you’re behind the wheel.

Dr. Travis said you probably know when you are too sick to drive, and this study isn’t about minor colds or sniffles. He said it’s not illegal to drive while sick, but you should take extra care on the road.

The Doctors: How Long Does Bronchitis Last

The studio audience submitted questions on their way into the studio today, and The Doctors answered them throughout the show. The first question was, “How long is too long for Bronchitis?”

Dr. Travis said Bronchitis is an airway inflammation that can last one to two weeks or longer. Dr. Jim compared it to temporary asthma. Dr. Jim said it is a virus that won’t respond to antibiotics.

The Doctors: Bronchitis Treatments

Dr. Andrew said it is caused by Postnasal Drip, and your best course of action is to treat the inflammation. If your condition persists, a doctor can prescribe steroids temporarily.

Dr. Lisa Masterson said infections and inflammation are not the same thing. Persistent or worsening symptoms such as fever could indicate other conditions, and your doctor may want to evaluate you for Pneumonia.


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