The Drs: Dental Crowns Lead to Bad Breath & Tria Blue Light Review


The Doctors: Bad Breath Isn’t Just From Bad Oral Hygiene

Do you know what causes bad breath? If you said bad oral hygiene you would be correct but can you think of any other reasons someone might have terrible smelling breath? There are more reasons and The Doctors called on the help of Dr. Miguel Stanley to go over the other reasons you might have bad breath.

The Drs: Dental Crowns Lead to Bad Breath & Tria Blue Light Review

The Doctors talked with a dentist who explained bad breath is not only caused by poor dental hygiene and they reviewed the Blue Light Therapy by Tria.


Tooth Extractions Can Lead To Bad Breath

A lot of people have had tooth extractions sometime in their life and those extractions might have been the cause of bad breath.

Dr. Stanley explained when a tooth is extracted, a large hole is left where the tooth was removed. This hole filled with blood which clots and then forms into new bone and new gum tissue. Sometimes these blood clots fall out of the hole where the tooth used to be, allowing food and bacteria to congregate in the hole.

Dr. Stanley said no matter how much you brush, your breath is still going to stink. The only solution to the problem is going back to the dentist, having the hole scraped and cleaned out and then having it filled with a special collagen sponge that forms new blood clots.


So how do you know if that is the reason your breath smells? Dr. Stanley said the first sign is pain in the area the tooth was removed, even long after it was removed.

Misplaced Dental Crown Causes Bad Breath

Another reason for bad breath that can be taken care of simply with brushing is a misplaced dental crown. Dr. Stanley said if the crown is not placed on the tooth perfectly, bacteria can get under the crowd and there is no way a tooth brush will reach them. The only way to alleviate the smell is to have the crown refitted and the gap between the crown and the teeth sealed.

Tria Beauty Blue Light Therapy Review

Summertime is the best time for having fun outside but sometimes all that sweat from a hot summer day can clog pores and cause acne to spread all around the face. To help combat the acne, The Doctors suggested using Tria Skin Perfecting Blue Light, a FDA-cleared, handheld acne fighting device for at home use.

Dr. Andrew Ordon said the product works so well because it penetrates deep within the skin to eliminate breakout-causing bacteria at the source. Studies have shown the product to reduce blemishes by 70 percent in as short a time as two weeks.


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