The Drs: Decoding Your Boogers: What Mucus Means & Garlic Cold Remedy


The Drs: What Mucus Means

Colds are a common complaint from families and even coworkers. Find out how to prevent colds, what mucus means and how to treat colds or prevent their spread once they are in your home.

The Doctors: How To Prevent & Treat Colds

Mary from California wrote to The Doctors with a common complaint affecting families everywhere. She has a big brood, and when one of them catches a cold, it’s not long before the entire family is suffering. What can she do to treat colds and prevent passing them around?


The Drs: Garlic Cold Remedy & Health Benefits

What Mucus Means: The Doctors

The Doctors shared their advice on cold remedies and decoding your boogers to learn what mucus means.

Dr Lisa Masterson said that you can prevent colds before they start by eating more Garlic, which can lower enzymes associated with infections. It also fires up your white blood cell production to keep your immune system strong.

Garlic is often used in healthy concoctions of vegetables, which means you’re getting other health benefits. Dr Andrew Ordon said you can even throw Garlic into your Chicken Soup. After a lot of crosstalk and half sentences, Dr Lisa said Garlic is most potent when eaten raw.


How To Prevent Spreading Cold Germs

You can also make sure you’re washing your hands and make sure you’re not touching your face and eyes after you’ve been exposed to germs. Colds are most common in the fall and winter, but summer colds do pop up.

Dr Ordon explained those common cold symptoms that come up, such as nasal congestion, sneezing, sore throat and even a cough. Dr Travis said that someone who has the cold should take care to avoid touching common objects and surfaces, which will expose others to germs.

It’s harder to keep kids from spreading germs, but keeping faucets, remote controls and other common surfaces clean can keep transmission down. “If you do have cold virus on your hands, you don’t touch your face, you’re probably not going to catch it,” Dr Jim Sears said.

The Doctors: Decoding Your Boogers

What comes out of your body can tell you a lot about your health. Even your boogers can reveal whether a cold is getting better or worse.

Yellow Mucus

Yellow Mucus is the result of white blood cells. If you’re seeing that color for more than five to seven days, that means you probably have a sinus infection that needs to be treated.

Clear Mucus

Dr Jim said that clear mucus after a week means you’re getting better and on the road to recovery.

Red Mucus

Thick red mucus, especially in the colder months, means your nasal passages are dried out. You’re seeing blood in the mucus. Seeing this now and then is OK, but if it’s happening on a regular basis, you might need to check in with a doctor.

A Neti Pot or Humidifier are great ways to keep your nasal passages clean and clear when you have a cold.


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