The Drs: David After Dentist Update & Dealing With Kids Swearing


The Drs TV: David After Dentist YouTube Video

Dr. Travis Stork said, “Just 15 minutes of watching funny videos can improve blood flow to your heart by 50%.” Maybe you should ask your boss to get YouTube breaks included in the company’s health coverage. It could also lower cholesterol and reduce blood clots.

You have probably seen the popular viral video “David After Dentist,” in which a sedated toddler behaves humorously on the way home from a trip to the dentist. Dr. Travis said more than 106 million viewers have seen the video.


If you haven’t seen it, or want to watch it again here is David After Dentist.

The Doctors: Kids & Anesthesia

Children are sometimes uncooperative at the dentist, which is why anesthesia is used during procedures.

Is Dental Anesthesia Safe For Kids?

“David After Dentist” is a popular video because it’s humorous and relatable. But how safe is this type of anesthesia? Dental Anesthesiologist Dr. Laura Matsunaga was in the audience to speak out about safely anesthetizing children.


“It’s just a matter of how it’s done,” she said, saying that the safest thing is having an anesthesiologist who starts and monitors the IV. That means someone is focusing on the anesthetic while the dentist is working on a patient.

Dr. Travis said you could ask your dentist if an anesthesiologist will be present during your child’s procedure.

David After Dentist Update

Dr. Jim Sears said the show contacted David’s father. That video was made four years ago, and David is perfectly normal and in good health today, so he’s obviously not displaying any long term effects. I would hope not, or we’d have heard about it by now, and the video would be much less funny.

Dr. Travis said kids tend to be uncooperative at the dentist, and that is why anesthesia is sometimes needed.

The Doctors: Childhood Swearing

Lots of children are afraid of monsters in the closet. But one toddler named Kassie went on a profanity laden tirade that’s now been seen by 30 million people online. Kassie said, “I’m going to kick his ask,” her own version of a common swear word.

You can watch Little Girl Kassie and see for yourself.

The Drs TV: How To Deal With Children Swearing

Dr. Travis said children swearing is funny, and Dr. Jim Sears said you have to resist the temptation to laugh at it, because it will encourage children to repeat the word. Similarly, getting angry or upset about it can signal kids to use foul language to push your buttons.

Dr. Jim said the mother in this video took the right approach, calmly explaining that it’s not a nice word and suggesting an alternative word. Dr. Jim said obviously Kassie overheard this somewhere, and you should be careful not to use words you don’t want children to repeat.

The Doctors: Children & Glasses

Kassie is now eight years old, and she and her mother Jamie joined The Doctors by phone. Kassie wanted to ask The Doctors what to do about kids who make fun of her for wearing glasses to school. Her glasses look awesome, for the record.

Dr. Travis said her fellow students don’t know what cool is. Dr. Jim said they are just jealous, and “having healthy eyes is the cool thing.” The Doctors all put on glasses in support of Kassie.


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