The Drs: Coping With The Loss Of A Pet + Drinks To Fight PMS


The Doctors: R.I.P. Lulu

The Doctors know that losing a pet can be hard for anyone, and it was time to say a tough goodbye to the show’s unofficial mascot, Dr Andrew Ordon’s bulldog, Lulu. Dr Ordon could barely anage a smile through tears as they watch videos of all the times Lulu appeared on the show. Lulu was a very special member of the team and will certainly, truly be missed.


Veterinarian Dr Courtney Campbell joined the show as Dr Ordon said people would recognize him everywhere and ask about Lulu, and said she was a star and a diva “in her own way.” Dr Ordon recalled visiting the breeder, and seeing Lulu run up to them as if she was choosing them, not the other way around. He said his dog lived a very good life. Lulu lived to be about 12-years-old which is a good long life for a bulldog.

The Drs: Coping With The Loss Of A Pet + Drinks To Fight PMS

Dr Andrew Ordon opened up about the loss of his beloved bulldog and The Doctors shared coping tools for grieving the loss of your pet. ([email protected] / Flickr)


The Doctors: Coping With The Loss Of A Pet

Dr Campbell said it’s important to remember that the human animal bond is unlike any other. If you lose a pet in your family and you have young kids, it’s important to be honest with them. Dr Campbell said you shouldn’t tell your kids the pet went away, but instead console them and tell them you understand what they’re going through. Don’t talk to the people who say “it’s just a dog.” There’s even pet-loss hotlines that you can call to help you grieve.

The Doctors: Drinks To Fight PMS Symptoms

On a completely different note, The Doctors then shared three different drinks that can help you deal with PMS symptoms. First, if you’re dealing with hot flashes, try a virgin bloody mary. Use non-salted tomato juice because tomatoes are really good for hot flashes and irritability. If you’re fighting fatigue during PMS, it’s important to boost your iron by making a drink of spinach and carrots. Finally, drink watermelon juice with lime and mint to fight bloating.

Dr Ashton drank all three at the same time, but if you had to choose one, which would you sip on?

The Doctors: Eat Fermented Foods To Fight Aging

There’s a stinky secret to staying young and The Doctors were excited to share what it was! If you enjoy munching on fermented foods like kim chee and sauerkraut, you’re likely to achieve better skin and better health, making your skin look fresh. Fresh was the word of the day and you can use the word fresh to enter for a chance to win Ole Henriksen’s 3 Little Wonders, valued at $100.

The Doctors: Sarah Silverman Depression

For their News in 2:00, The Doctors reported that Sarah Silverman stars in the new movie I Smile Back. Sarah plays a drug-addicted housewife confronting depression and she’s now getting Oscar buzz. Sarah has recently opened up about her own struggles with depression.

The Doctors: Blue Bell Sanitation & Health Concerns

As of August, Blue Bell ice cream is back on shelves after a listeria outbreak caused a nationwide recall. The recall was linked to the deaths of three people and illnesses of ten others. Now, workers at a Texas Blue Bell factory are speaking out against the 100-year-old ice cream company, telling CBS that management ignored complaints about dangerous and unsanitary conditions where bacteria could flourish. In a statement to CBS, Blue Bell said, in part, they are “committed to ensuring we are producing a safe product through our enhanced manufacturing procedures including increased focus on sanitation and cleaning.”

The Doctors: Burn Calories By Watching Horror Films

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension is the last chapter of the horror film franchise, and in a study out of the University of Westminster, scientists measured the heart rates, oxygen intake, and carbon dioxide output of horror film viewers, finding that 90 minutes of terror can actually burn more than 100 calories!

The Doctors: Eat With Silverwear

Did you know that the utensil you use could help you pack on the pounds? According to a study in the British Journal Flavor, eating with lightweight utensils like plastic-ware, makes the meal less satisfying to you, so you eat more. Get rid of the plastic and go for the silverwear!


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