The Drs: Common Fertility Treatment Risks & Hidradenitis Suppurativa


The Doctors: Common Fertility Treatment Side Effects

One woman wrote in to The Doctors saying she is going to be undergoing fertility treatments and she wants to know the most common side effects and how she can minimize her risk of feeling them.

Fertility specialist Dr. Millie Behara said about 10 percent of women in America between the ages of 15 to 44 are asking these types of questions all the time. She said many fertility questions will range from when they should plan a “date night” with their spouse to questions about advanced therapies like in-vitro fertilization.


As for the side effects for the fertility treatments, there can be plenty, ranging from nausea to bloating to mood changes. With the right knowledge you can be prepared for these side effects and you can keep them under control.

Fertility Treatment Risks – Hypersensitive Ovaries and Multiple Pregnancies

The Drs: Common Fertility Treatment Risks & Hidradenitis Suppurativa

The Doctors went over some of the most common fertility treatment risks and debunkd the myth that fertility treatments increase breast cancer risks.

Two of the most common problems that worry Dr. Behara are:

  • Hyperstimulation of the ovaries – If the ovaries are producing too many eggs it can cause some concern and it can be uncomfortable for the woman.
  • Multiples pregnancies – There is always chance fertility treatments could end in multiple pregnancies if they were not planned.

The best way to prevent these side effects, or any other side effects you might experience, is to make sure you keep your doctor informed and make sure you stay hydrated. Dr. Behara said it is very important to stay hydrated throughout the fertility treatment process.

So, remember, when your pee is clear, you are hydrated. When your pee is yellow, go drink some water.

Do Fertility Drugs Increase Breast Cancer Risk?

Kelly wrote in to The Doctors saying she heard fertility drugs can increase your risk of breast cancer and she wanted to know how big of a risk she would be taking if she underwent fertility treatments.

According to Dr. Kristi Funk, a breast specialist, fertility treatments do not increase your risk of breast cancer. 15 different studies looked at 60,000 women who had fertility treatments and found there to be no increase in the risk for breast cancer. But, 75 percent of breast cancers have receptors for estrogen which helps the cancer grow and divide. So if you were undergoing fertility treatments and you developed breast cancer, Dr. Funk said you already had breast cancer and it would most likely have showed up somewhere down the road.

Those Red Bumps Could Be Hidradenitis Suppurativa

A woman wrote in to The Doctors saying she has cyst-like pimples under her breasts and she is worried they should not be there. Are they normal or should she see a doctor?

Dr. Funk said they are most likely nothing to worry about. They could just be be pimples or a simple infection a doctor needs to look at. But she said it could also be hidradenitis suppurativa, a chronic infection that affects the sweat glands around the body.

If you notice pimple/cyst-like bumps on your breasts and they will not go away, they are inflamed, tender and red, go to the doctor today. Dr. Funk said if they are not very serious they can be treated with medications but if they become serious you might need a skin graft.


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