The Drs: Cell Phones Cause MRSA, E. Coli & Contact Dermatitis


The Doctors: Cell Phone Hazards

Did you know that Cell Phones could be affecting your sperm count if you leave your phone turned on while in your pocket or clipped to your belt? Have you heard of the phenomenon called Cell Phone Elbow?

There are other consequences too. Cell phone users are more likely to get Botox at a younger age, and BlackBerry Thumb is another condition coined due to phone usage. Even texting can be dangerous.


Read about the Hazards of Text Neck.

The Drs: Cell Phone Health

Did you know the biggest danger in your purse is your cell phone? Find out why.

Cell Phones: Biggest Purse Hazard

The Doctors have been examining the dangers hidden in your purse, including Nail Files & Lead in Lipstick. But the #1 hazard you’re carrying around is your phone.


There are many benefits to cell phones in this day and age. But there are some health concerns you probably didn’t think about that could be caused by your phone.

Cell Phones Cause Contact Dermatitis

You could have an allergic reaction to the nickel metal in your cell phone. “Millions of people develop contact dermatitis,” according to Dr. Andrew Ordon, and you can tell your cell phone is to blame if you have a rash on the side of your face, where you hold the phone while you’re talking.

Bacteria on the phone can cause acne or clogged pores on your face in the same area.

Cell Phone Germ Magnets

Dr. Travis Stork said our phones go everywhere with us, collecting bacteria and touching a variety of surfaces, plus many parts of our bodies. “94.5% of phones, in one study, were shown to carry a bacteria that was potentially resistant to antibiotics,” he said.

You should use alcohol wipes to clean your phone each day to help clear out some of the harmful bacteria that could be hiding there.

MRSA From Cell Phones

MRSA is a dangerous condition that’s invisible to the naked eye. It can be transmitted in healthcare settings at hospitals. But another type of MRSA is community acquired, meaning you can pick it up in any public place.

It can lead to skin infections and it is resistant to many types of antibiotics. But alcohol based cleaners and wipes can go a long way to lowering your risk for interacting with gross germs.

“Your cell phone doesn’t need to be a danger if you take care of it the right way,” Dr. Travis said.

Fecal Matter & E. Coli from Cell Phones

Do you take your phone in the bathroom? Don’t answer that, because you’re probably going to lie about it. If so, you could be getting E. Coli and Fecal Matter all over your phone, spreading it to your hands and throughout your living space, and can even lead to dangerous health problems and lasting scars.

The Doctors: Purse Dangers

The Doctors had one more bonus purse danger: the purse itself. It goes everywhere with you, and it probably gets placed on bacteria covered surfaces and collects germs wherever you go. If you can, you probably should wipe your purse down on a regular basis.


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