The Drs: Burning Sweat, Burning Scalp & Burning Soap: Soothe That Burn


The Doctors TV Show Soothe That Burn segment answered three questions from viewers of the show.  Why does sweat burn my skin?  Why does my scalp feel on fire?  And why does soap burn my baby’s skin?  The Drs TV Show answered all of these burning questions – and I mean that quite literally!

The Doctors TV Show: Burning Sweat

A lady asked why does my sweat burn my skin when I workout?  Dr Travis Stork said that some people release a histamineThe Drs Soothe That Burn when they sweat, which can cause some skin irritation and burning.  This tends to be more common in warm wet weather, and you can get a prescription from your doctor if this is the issue.  Dr Andrew Ordon said that Burning Sweat can also be caused by sunscreen or  other skin products.  Dr Jim Sears offered yet another though, which is that if you wear brand new workout clothes that have not been washed, you could have an allergic reaction to some leftover chemicals on the clothing.


The Drs: Burning Scalp

Another lady asked The Doctors, what causes her scalp to feel like it is on fire?  Dr Drew said that skin problems isolated to the scalp are not uncommon, and you really should see a dermatologist to figure out what you have.  His two guesses for a Burning Scalp were Seborrheic Dermatitis which looks like a waxy plaque or Psoriasis which is red and scaley.  If you have scales on your elbows and knees, it is more likely to be Psoriasis in your scalp.  Dr Ordon said that it is actually possible to have both Psoriasis and Seborrheic Dermatitis at the same time.  If you have Seborrheic Dermatitis, it is generally treated with ant-fungal medicines, whereas if you have Psoriasis, it is usually treated by shampoo with tar in it.  Dr Jim Sears said that it could also be Shingles causing a Burning Scalp, especially if you just have it on one side.  Dr Travis Stork’s two cents was that if something burns and itches, it is often caused by an allergen found in your laundry detergent or shampoo.

The Doctors TV Show: Burning Soap

The final question came from a lady with a three year old daughter who says that soap burns her little girl whenever she has a bath.  Dr Jim Sears said that just because a soap is designed for babies, does not meant it is perfect for everyone.  Look for bath products with a short ingredient list.   For example, you can try Castile Soap With Olive Oil as an alternative to regular soap.  Soap that does not produce too many suds tends to be less irritating.  Dr Andrew Ordon said to read labels carefully and look for products without parabens and fragrances, which can irritate kids.  Dr Travis Stork said that if there are lots of ingredients with long words, it could be that one of the many ingredients is not agreeing with your child’s skin.


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