The Drs: British Doctors Prescribing Placebos & New Cancer Treatments


The Doctors: Experimental Treatment For Life-Threatening Cancer

Did you know women have a one in three chance of developing cancer in their lifetime? Or that men have a one in two chance of developing cancer? Doctors have been having more and more success in finding treatments with the potential to cure cancer and a new treatment for leukemia patients could be the best out there.

The Drs: British Doctors Prescribing Placebos & New Cancer Treatments

The Doctors looked at a brand new cancer treatment that only attacks cancer cells while leaving good cells alone and UK doctors are prescribing placebos.


Researchers in New York have found a way to kill cancer cells while leaving normal cells alone. They have developed an experimental treatment where the patient’s blood is put through a machine that removes T cells. Then a genetically altered T cell is placed back in the the blood. This new T cell has the ability to recognize different cancer cells and destroy them while leaving healthy cells alone.

Basically, while chemotherapy right now attacks all the cells in the body regardless, this new treatment may make chemotherapy a more bearable process.

Dr. Michael Freidman, CEO of The Comprehensive Cancer Center, believes this treatment could be the new normal for cancer patients. Although the treatment is still experimental, he said it is excellent for cancer patients who have severe cancers or who have undergone traditional treatments with no positive effects.


Can Cancer Be Cured?

With so many new advances in ways to treat cancer, The Doctors wanted to know if it is possible to cure cancer. Dr. Freidman said we are curing cancer right now but there are still some cancers, like brain and lung cancer, that are going to be the challenges for the future.

UK Study Shows Doctors Prescribing Placebos

A new British study asked doctors in the UK if they have ever prescribed placebo treatments, like sugar pills or unneeded blood work, to their patients. While you might hope the answer is no, the results of the study revealed that 97 percent of the doctors said they have done it at least once, while 77 percent said they did it at least once a week.

The survey also found that doctors were prescribing unnecessary, low-dose medications and antibiotics to patients as well.

Placebo Effect Is a Real Phenomenon

While The Doctors all said they would never prescribe a sugar pill or something similar, Dr. Andrew Ordon said as long as it is going to do no harm to the patient the placebo effect may help them get better.

“The placebo effect is a real phenomenon, and I think the challenge in medicine is how you can achieve the placebo effect without being deceitful,” Dr. Travis Stork said. He added that 30 to 40 percent of people will have positive benefits from the placebo.

Dr. Jim Sears said he sort of uses placebos when he is seeing a patient. For example, if he is with a three-year-old boy who won’t stop wetting himself he tells them when they turn four they have to stop because four-year-olds do not wet themselves. He said after their birthday, he will get a call from their mothers saying it worked.

Dr. Stork finished the conversation by saying we should not tell someone to take something “just to be safe.” He said we need to be open with our patients and tell them “let’s try this and see if it works.”


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