The Drs: BRCA Gene Mutation Blood Test & Public Pool Health Dangers


The Doctors: Angelina Jolie Preventative Double Mastectomy

After nearly six years of knowing she had an 87 percent chance of developing breast cancer and a 50 percent chance of developing ovarian cancer, Angelina Jolie decided to have a preventative double mastectomy. She found out she was high risk for the cancer after having blood work done showing she was positive for the BRCA gene mutation, a mutation that makes your chance of breast cancer raise fivefold.

Dr. Lisa Masterson applauded Jolie for having the double mastectomy done and then being transparent enough to talk with the world about it. But Dr. Masterson also had some advice for people considering having the blood work done to look for the BRCA gene.


Plans for Testing Positive for BRCA Gene Mutation

The Drs: BRCA Gene Mutation Blood Test & Public Pool Health Dangers

The Doctors explained the bacteria health risks of public pools.

First, you need a plan for what happens next after you get the results from the blood work. She said only about 30 percent of women decide to have a preventive mastectomy. The other 70 percent use other options they have available like getting screened more often, having tests done more often and taking medications.

Women who test positive for the gene mutation need to also think about having their ovaries removed and their tubes taken out because the BRCA gene mutation can cause ovarian cancer as well. This means you either fight the possible cancer or live in a state of menopause.


Testing Negative for BRCA Gene Mutation Still Means You Can Get Cancer

Dr. Masterson said if you test negative for the gene mutation you still need to be aware that cancer could still develop. Getting the test in the first place means you are worried about your family history with cancer and she said  having a close family member with breast cancer will raise your risk for the cancer by 60 percent.

Having a plan will help you fight the cancer and decide how to proceed with the blood work and what you want to have done next.

Parasites and Bacteria from Diarrhea in Public Pools

You probably never thought a trip to the public pool could be a dangerous adventure but it seems some states are having trouble keeping swimmers healthy.

A law in California recently passed stating all public pools must hang a sign stating anyone who has had diarrhea in the past two week, or has diarrhea now, will not be allowed to swim in a public pool.

Dr. Travis Stork explained there could be microscopic bacteria floating around the pool that can get on your skin, in your mouth or even in your nose if you breath in some of the mist from the pool. By keeping people with diarrhea out of the pool, they can cut done on the amount of bacteria in the pool.

While you might get a strong whiff of chlorine when you enter the pool making you think the pool is extra clean, Dr. Jim Sears said that chlorine smell is coming from the chlorine mixing with all the sweat and sunscreen in the pool. He said the best time to go to the pool is when the chlorine is at it’s maximum effect,  a little while after the chlorine is added to the pool. The later in the day you go swimming, the less effective the chlorine will be.

Just having to pass a law to have a sign put up about this type of problem makes you wonder how many times someone has gotten sick from the bacteria in California public pools.

Morning Sickness Pill Back on the Market

A morning sickness pill that was pulled from shelves years ago is being put back on shelves by the FDA.

The morning sickness pill was once associated with birth defects, forcing the company to recall the drug even though there was no evidence it was linked to birth defects. Dr. Lisa Masterson said the drug is simply vitamin B6 with antihistamines added to it but for some reason women took the company to court for birth defects that could have been caused for a number of other reasons.

You can pick up the morning sickness pills this June 2013 when they hit stores. Again.


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