The Drs: Bottled Water Health Warning & Environmental Working Group


The Doctors: Bottled Water & Tooth Care

Are you a bottled water fanatic? Have you checked the label lately? What about using Baking Soda or Peroxide as a home dental care treatment? The Doctors talked about the hidden health risks of these popular everyday habits. They also mentioned the resources of the Environmental Working Group when it comes to your water.

The Drs: Baking Soda Toothbrush Risks

Environmental Working Group Bottled Water: The Drs

The Doctors said you can find information about tap water vs bottled water in your area through the Environmental Working Group.


Do you use Baking Soda or Peroxide when you’re brushing your teeth? These products are believed to have health and whitening benefits on your teeth. Dr Andrew Ordon said mixing baking soda in water and gently brushing your teeth can polish the teeth. But overdoing it can irritate or burn the gums.

As for Peroxide, it’s similar to bleach and should be diluted to avoid affecting the gums. Losing tooth enamel can can serious tooth damage. Dr Lisa Masterson suggested limiting these oral treatments to once per week.

Dr Travis Stork said that oral pain could be a sign that it’s time to switch to a different toothpaste or toothbrush.


The Doctors: Bottled Water Health Warning

Staying hydrated is critical for your health, and water is still the best way to continuously fuel your body. But could the water in your house be putting you at risk? “Not all waters are the same,” Dr Ordon said.

Dr Ordon said he grabbed a bottled water recently and noticed that its ingredients included stimulants. He said you really have to pay attention to what you’re buying, even if you are just looking for good old water.

The Drs: Reusable Water Bottle

Dr Jim Sears said that water products could be high in sugar. What’s more, “80% of those recyclable water bottles are just thrown away,” he said. “That’s 60 million bottles going to the landfills every year. It’s better just to get a reusable, BPA-free bottle and just fill it up at the tap.”

The Doctors: Environmental Working Group

Finally, Dr Travis Stork suggested considering filtering your water at home if you are concerned about the local water supply. The Environmental Working Group provides information about local water conditions for your information.

Dr Travis said that you have to pay attention to everything you do regarding your health, because as today’s segments proved, habits that seem healthy may not be.


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