The Drs: Boot Band Boot Extensions & Tumescent Calf Liposuction


The Doctors: Fat Calves Solutions

Amy plays roller derby in Washington, and she has overdeveloped calves from her workouts, practices, and game play. Now she has trouble fitting into boots and is self-conscious about her calves.

Dr. Travis Stork said calf size is partially genetically predetermined. But an intensive workout routine like Amy’s will also cause calves and other muscles to develop.


Yoga and stretching could help to elongate the muscle, but for Amy that may not be the permanent solution.

The Doctors: Fat Calves

There are things you can do to take care of your enlarged or overdeveloped calf muscles.

The Doctors: Boot Extenders

Dr. Andrew Ordon showed off Boot Bands, which you can zip into your boots for a fashionable look while expanding the width of your boot. It zips into the existing boot zipper, and comes in different sizes so you can customize your fit.


Click on the following link to purchase Boot Bands.

The Drs: Tumescent Calf Liposuction

Liposuction can remove excess fat from the calves. Dr. Ordon pinched Amy’s calves to get a rough assessment of the fat content in her calves. He said she is a candidate for Calf Liposuction.

Using small incisions with the patient on her stomach, the procedure is called Tumescent Liposuction, permanently reducing the size of the calves.

The Drs Hip Bursitis: Hip Pain After Running

A man asked if lingering hip pain after running indicates he’ll eventually need a hip replacement. Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Paul Gilbert said this doesn’t necessarily mean you are developing arthritis or a hip replacement.

Dr. Gilbert said pain on the outside of the leg is Hip Bursitis. Bursa are found outside the hip joint. They are fluid-filled bags, which are supposed to prevent your body parts to roll by one another without rubbing.

Muscles running from your pelvis to your knee can be tight and can rub your Bursa raw, causing sharp pain. This is also caused by sleeping on your side, as well as from running or walking.

Bursitis Prevention & Treatment

Take a break from running or walking if you think you are suffering from Bursitis. Or if your problem is from sleeping on your side, check your mattress. It could be causing your problems.

You can also stretch before exercising to relieve the tension and pressure. Or ice your hip after you’re done with your physical activity. Doctors may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs or a Cortisone shot to break up the pressure.

The Drs TV: Bursitis Surgery

Unresponsive Bursitis can be treated with surgery to vaporize the Bursa, which the body will naturally regenerate. Another treatment can poke holes in your muscle band to prevent that friction with the Bursa.


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