The Drs: Bathroom Health Hazards + Does Fat Water Work?


The Doctors: Health Hazards In Your Bathroom

The Doctors explained that there could be even more health hazards lurking in your bathroom. First, they wanted to talk about tweezers. They explained that tweezers are often used to pluck nose hairs and the hairs in your nose are actually there to filter our bacteria. When you pluck the hair from your nose, you’re introducing potential bacteria into your bloodstream. No more plucking nose hairs, just trim them!


The next hazard lurking in your bathroom is your deodorant. You should actually replace your deodorant every six months because it can stop being as effective. It wouldn’t hurt you to go without it every now and then.

The Doctors: Bathroom Health Hazards + Does Fat Water Work?

The Doctors revealed lurking health hazards in your bathroom and what you can do to avoid them. (lynlomasi / Flickr)

Finally, if you’re using cotton swabs that have been hanging out on the counter top, you’re using bacteria-laden swabs. Keep them in a contained, closed space. You also shouldn’t keep your toothbrush anywhere near the toilet. Avoid all those extra bacteria in the bathroom!


The Doctors: Does Fat Water Work?

There’s a new product on shelves called Fat Water. But can it really make you skinny? The Doctors explained that it costs about $4, and said the “theme of it makes sense” but the execution is going to be lacking.” It was created by the same person who started the bulletproof coffee trend, which involves grass-fed butter and coconut oil mixed into your coffee. Dr Travis Stork said the problem is that, although it may make some sense, the Fat Water bottle contains 2 grams of fat, similar to the fats that you find in coconut oil.

According to the creator, the water is more hydrating because the “fat pulls water into your cells.” It also claims to boost your energy and it even contains turmeric which is known to have health benefits. Basically, The Doctors said it’s not worth the $4, because they can find better and more effective ways to lose weight.

Would you drink fat water? Have you tried it already and found results?


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