The Drs: Band-Aid Dermatitis & How To Get Younger Looking Hands


The Doctors: How To Rip Off The Band-Aid

A woman said that every time she removes an adhesive bandage, it leaves her skin completely raw. Dr. Travis Stork said the glue and adhesive found in Band-Aids is what makes removing them so painful, especially if you have hairy arms. Mild discomfort is normal, but serious pain could indicate another condition.

The Doctors: Band-Aid Dermatitis Cold Milk Compress

Your skin could be reacting to the latex or glue in a bandage, leaving your skin bright red and irritated. Dr. Travis said this is a form of contact dermatitis, which can be caused by a variety of things. Even belt buckles or jean buttons can irritate some people’s skin. Poison Ivy is also a form of Contact Dermatitis.


The Doctors: Younger Looking Hands Procedure

The Doctors: Younger Looking Hands Procedure

How To Treat Band-Aid Dermatitis

Dr. Jim Sears said you can reduce the inflammation. A Cold Milk Compress is one solution. Put milk on ice for about 10 minutes. Then use cotton swabs to dab milk onto the affected area. This can soothe irritation associated with many forms of Contact Dermatitis.

Dr. Jim also recommended Hydrocortisone Creams and Antihistamines, either in cream or oral medication. Dr. Travis said you should pay attention to things that cause a reaction in your body so you can afford them.


The Doctors: Glueless Bandaid Tape

Dr. Jim said you can use gauze and tape to create your own Band-Aid alternatives at home. Dr. Travis said this is a good way to keep wounds clean, especially in the workplace or if your sweat is likely to cause typical bandages to peel off.

The Doctors: Younger Looking Hands Procedure

Plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Niccole introduced a new cosmetic procedure that uses fillers and a CO2 fractional Core Laser to rejuvenate the hand. He demonstrated the procedure, which involves local anesthetic in her hand, but is otherwise painless. It does involve a giant cannula to insert the injections.

Dr. Andrew Ordon joined Dr. Niccole to see the effects of the procedure. Dr. Niccole explained that he injected synthetic material and used the CO2 laser for the second stage of the process. The patient said she could fee what was happening, but said it was not painful.

The Drs: Young Hands Injection Treatment

Before and After pictures showed that the process had good results within a week, though in the meantime a patient should expect to have some swelling. The effects of the procedure can last about a year, according to Dr. Niccole. This treatment runs about $1,200.

An alternative version of this procedure, using fat injections instead of synthetic fillers, costs $2,000 but can last up to five years.

Dr. Travis: Tracking Your Symptoms

Dr. Travis said everyone has their own How To questions. He said you can keep a log to help you pay attention to your symptoms. Keep track of the brands you use and the environments where you experience problems. Writing things down can help you and your doctor get to the bottom of what’s going on with your health.


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