The Drs 30 Day Vegan Diet Challenge & Common Vegan Diet Misconceptions


The Doctors: Vegan Diet Revolution

A lot more people have been going vegan lately and for good reason. Studies have shown a vegan diet can reduce the risk for cancer and diabetes as well as being environmentally sound. And with over 6 million choosing a vegan diet, some are calling this a vegan revolution.

Tips For Starting a Vegan Diet

Vegan diet expert and author of The Lean, Kathy Freston, said the biggest problem people have when starting a vegan diet is not “leaning into the diet.” She said it is better to add vegan elements to your diet now instead of trying to go completely vegan right away.


She also suggested “crowding out and not cutting out.” She explained how she wants everyone to add vegan elements to their diet instead of taking out some of their favorite foods. Eat an apple one day or start drinking more water during the week. By slowing adding vegan food to your diet, you will stop having cravings for unhealthy foods and eventually you will be on track to all vegan diet.

Dr. Travis Stork said there are many studies that support the idea that more plants and vegetables in a diet will make you live longer and keep you healthier.


30 Day Vegan Challenge

The Doctors challenged two women to try a vegan diet for 30 days to find out if really changed their lives or not.

Kim, 56, is a personal trainer and nutritional counselor who said her favorite food is  a burger. Although she is both a trainer and a nutritional counselor, Kim said she has a lot of excess weight she wants to get rid of and she believes the vegan diet can help her reach her goal weight.

Ally, 24, said she has always had excess weight. She said she loves eating cheeseburgers but she also hates that they keep her out of her bikini. She wanted to try the vegan diet because she wanted a permanent lifestyle change that would be a way to become healthier.

30 Day Vegan Diet Challenge Success Stories

The Drs 30 Day Vegan Diet Challenge & Common Vegan Diet Misconceptions

The Doctors asked two women to try their 30 day vegan diet challenge & they talked with one expert about the common misconceptions associated with the diet.

After the 30 challenge, Ally said she felt amazing. She had lost 12 pounds in 30 days, she lost 18 inches all around her body and her sleeping habits were far better than they were before. She said the best part was all the energy she had.

Kim also had some amazing results from her vegan diet. She lost eight pounds and 12 inches off her entire body. She was happy about her new look, she said the best part about the diet was all the energy it gave her, the great night’s sleep she was getting every night and the elimination of her joint pain.

Both the women said the diet was easy as well. While they were both nervous about giving up some of their favorite foods, they said it was easy to make the change when they began to feel much healthier. They even found vegan recipes they loved to make, kim’s being an avocado dressing recipe.

The Doctors Avocado Dressing Recipe

The Doctors Avocado Dressing Ingredients:

  • 1 avocado
  • 1/2 cup of rice vinegar
  • 1/4 cup lime juice
  • tablespoon agave
  • teaspoon of garlic
  • pinch of cilantro

The Doctors Avocado Dressing Directions:

  • Mix all ingredients in a blender. 

Common Misconceptions About a Vegan Diet

Freston believes more people are not vegan because they have a lot of misconceptions about the diet.

One of the biggest misconceptions people have is that they get no protein from a vegan diet which is not true. There is protein in a lot of vegan foods, like beans and lentils. She also added that Americans already get twice as much protein as they need , so a cut back on protein can be good.

The second misconception is that people on a vegan diet can not go out to eat which is not true. Freston said there are a lot of vegan restaurants popping up all over America and in most restaurants there are vegan options.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls of a Vegan Diet

Freston said one of the major factors to watch out for when on the vegan diet is eating too much junk food. She pointed out that chips and white bread are both vegan but they are not healthy. To have a healthy vegan diet, you need to eat whole foods, not processed foods.

She also added that women who are pregnant need to be careful about their diets. They need the extra nutrients and should possibly talk with a doctor about the best diet for them.


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