The Drs: 30 Day No TV Challenge & Average Amount of TV Watched in US


The Doctors: One Month Without TV

Anya loves watching TV. On a typical Saturday she can be caught in her bed watching hours and hours of TV before she even leaves her house. In an effort to wean her off TV, Anya decided to take part in The Doctors 30 day TV challenge where she was unable to watch TV for an entire month.

On the first day of the challenge, Anya said the only thing she wanted to do was watch TV but by day 15 she seemed to not care about missing her favorite shows. She also realized how much more she could get every single day if she put down the remote. She told The Doctors in those 30 days she cleaned her entire house, she ran a 5K, she started a blog she loves working on and she even took the time to save some money and get some new furniture.


The Drs: 30 Day No TV Challenge & Average Amount of TV Watched in US

The Doctors asked one woman to try their 30 day no TV challenge and they also looked at the average amount of TV watched in America each day.

By day 30, Anya said she felt happy and ready to take on the world.

Average Hours Spent Watching TV in America

Dr. Travis Stork said studies have shown the more time you spent watching TV, the worse your health is going to be. But how much is too much?


The average American between the ages of 18 and 24 watches 25 hours of TV every week. The average American over the age of 65 however, watches around 48 hours of TV a week.The average American child gets around four hours of screen time every single day, meaning they are spending that time on the computer, watching TV or on their smart phones.

Dr. Jim Sears said with his own children, he allows them to watch an hour of TV but then they have to play outside for an hour as well.

As for Anya, she said after the 30 day challenge she has really cut back on her TV watching. She said she only watches about one hour a day, down from her ten hour TV binges on the weekends.

“Those 30 days are going to pass anyways,” said Dr. Stork. “So why not try and do something healthy with that time.”


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