The Doctors: Yogurt Probiotics for Digestive Health & Jamie Lee Curtis


The Doctors: Jamie Lee Curtis Digestive Health Advocate

The Doctors: Yogurt Probiotics for Digestive Health & Jamie Lee Curtis

The Doctors invited actress Jamie Lee Curtis to talk about yogurt probiotics, becoming an accidental health advocate and fixing digestive health in America. (Helga Esteb /

The Doctors invited two-time Golden Globe winner, children’s book author and digestive health advocate Jamie Lee Curtis on the show to talk about getting regular and feeling great. Jamie Lee Curtis said everyone should be feeling great and energized every day of their lives.


Curtis told The Doctors she has had numerous complications in her life and she had problems with her health, but she never even realized digestive health was something she needed to be aware of. She said she became an “unlikely health advocate” when Dannon asked her to be the spokesperson for their Activia yogurt brand nearly eight years ago. She said it was was then that she realized “what you feel inside, comes out on the outside. When your aren’t regular, you don’t fell well.”

Although she has written books, acted in numerous movies, stopping drinking and been an advocate for a number of other things, Curtis said she is most recognized for her Activia commercials. “So many people credit me with the work Dannon and Activia has done,” said Curtis jokingly.

The Drs: Digestive Health in America

Dr. Travis Stork revealed nearly four million Americans suffer from severe constipation. He also pointed out many people attribute weight gain and diabetes to a poor American diet, which is true, but they also forget it has led to poor bowel health, something The Doctors have touched on before. But it is something that can be fixed by drinking less soda and drinking more water, by eating more fiber and less processed food and by making lifestyle changes to help our GI tracts.


In a well-being index conducted by Dannon, they found nearly 90 percent of the 1000 people interviewed had some sort of digestive issue. And 50 percent of those people said the digestive issue affected their lives in some way.

The Doctors: How Digestion Works

Dr. Stork wanted to let viewers know how digestion worked as they talked about digestive issues. He showed a video which revealed digestion starts right away. Saliva begins breaking down food as soon as it is in the mouth. From there the food is continually broken down in the small and large intestines until it becomes stool. He pointed out there is a “floral environment” in our intestines and it needs to be replenished with good bacteria which can come from probiotics in yogurt. We can then add fruit to the yogurt to give us antioxidants and oats to give us more fiber.

Check out the video below to see his demonstration.

The Drs: Digestive Issues and Symptoms

The Doctors said digestive issues can lead to issues other than constipation. They said it can cause heartburn, bloating and diverticulitis, which causes small pouches to form on the colon. As much as digestive issues may not be on the top of everyone’s health concerns, The Doctors think it is an issue that needs to be looked at.


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