The Doctors: World Record Biggest Hips & Are Mikel’s Hips Real?


The Doctors: World Record Biggest Hips

The Doctors: World Record Biggest Hips & Are Mikel's Hips Real?

The Doctors spoke with Mikel, who has the world record biggest hips.

Women usually cringe at their excess weight, but 39-year-old Mikel is proud of being a world record holder. At 99 inches wide and eight feet in circumference, Mikel is the owner of the world record biggest hips. Many people can’t even believe they’re real.


She explained to The Doctors that after each of her four pregnancies, she gained more and more weight in her hips. Most people look at her like she’s a “sideshow freak” and assume that she’s an unhealthy person. However, that isn’t the case. Mikel emphasized that she loves to eat fruits, vegetables, fish and yogurt. She also loves dancing, water aerobics and lives an active lifestyle.

“Would I like to shrink a couple of sizes? Probably,” Mikel admitted. “But I’ve just learned to embrace it. I like my curves.”


The Drs: Examining Mikel’s Health With Dr. Melina Jampolis

Dr. Travis Stork applauded Mikel for her great attitude, but she does have a few health concerns. For an examination into Mikel’s health, The Doctors set up a meeting for Mikel with diet and nutrition expert Dr. Melina Jampolis.

After thorough testing, Dr. Jampolis confirmed that Mikel is a relatively healthy person, despite the excess weight she carries on her hips. Clearly, there’s a genetic component to this condition, but that doesn’t make Mikel unhealthy.

On the other hand, Mikel does have high blood pressure and arthritis in her knees. Dr. Jampolis suggested losing some weight in order to help relieve this problem. Even by just losing a small amount of weight, the pain in her knees would be reduced and she may be able to get off blood pressure medications.

The Doctors: Are Mikel’s Hips Real?

Dr. Andrew Ordon explained that lipidema, a condition in which fat is unevenly distributed throughout the body, is probably what’s causing Mikel’s condition. It’s actually not that uncommon, with 11% of women have lipidema to some degree.

Dr. Ordon also helped Mikel dispel the rumors that her hips are fake. He performed an ultrasound to set the record straight once and for all. Immediately, Dr. Ordon was able to determine that Mikel’s hips have not been enhanced by anything and are 100% real.


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