The Doctors: Working Moms vs Stay-At-Home Moms vs Part-Time Moms


The Doctors TV Show was focused on the topic of “Your Health In The Headlines” today – meaning that they covered many of the topics that are hot and controversial right now.  The Drs TV Show spoke about a new study on Working Moms.  What did they find about Working Moms vs Non-Working Moms? The Doctors Part-Time Moms vs Stay At Home Moms vs Working Moms

The Doctors TV Show: Part-Time Moms Have Healthier Kids

The Doctors said that an Australian study found that the children of mothers that work part-time are healthier, snack less, watch less television, and are more active than the children of mothers who work full time.


The Doctors: Does Being a Working Mom Affect Your Kids?

Another study shows that whether you are a working mom or a non-working mom, there is no impact on your kids as long as you give them quality attention.  It is all about the quality of the time you spend with your children, not the quantity.  Many might argue that being a stay-at-home mom is often a harder job than being a working mom.  However, lots of moms feel a tremendous amount of guilt for working.  Dr Jim Sears, talking about his own upbringing, said that he loved being raised by a stay-at-home mom who also worked from home.

The Doctors did say that the study found that if you go back to work too soon, it can adversely impact your children.  For kids under a year old, it is better for the child to be around the mother.

The Doctors & Michelle Borba: Big Book of Parenting Solutions

The Doctors had a guest on their show: Michelle Borba, author of The Big Book of Parenting Solutions, who said that research says that moms can let go of their guilt if they work.  41% of moms are single moms and, with the economic crunch, more of them than ever must be in the workforce.  The bottom line is that the most important thing is to look for quality daycare for your children.


The Doctors TV Show: How to Pick Daycare

Here are some tips from Michelle Borba on how to pick a good daycare provider for your children:

– Use your gut feeling and look for someone who is sensitive, nurturing, and who has a smaller ratio of children to adults so that your child gets more time.

– Talk to your child naturally, not in baby talk, so that they have the best boost in cognitive growth when they are spending time with you.

– Look for safety issues at the daycare center and make sure that the electric sockets are covered for example.

– Look for a clean environment at the daycare center.


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