The Doctors: Words With Friends Saved A Life


How Words With Friends Saved A Life

The Scrabble knockoff Words With Friends has taken social media by storm. You can play it on Facebook or use it on your smart phone or other mobile device to keep games going with your pals. Actor Alec Baldwin was famously removed from a flight in 2011 for refusing to turn off his Words With Friends game.

Now comes a story about how Words With Friends played a part in saving someone’s life. Georgie and Simon are from Australia, and they joined The Doctors to share their story about the game.


Georgie used the game’s Random Opponent feature to play against a stranger, whom she got to know by chatting while playing. The only thing I’ve ever used the chat for is to complain when I don’t have any vowels.

The Drs: Words With Friends

A woman on the other side of the world used the popular game Words With Friends to save a man's life.

When Georgie didn’t take her turn for a few days, her opponent Beth asked what was going on. Georgie said she’d been preoccupied because her husband was sick. When Georgie shared her husband Simon’s symptoms with Beth in their chat, Beth urged her to seek immediate medical attention.


Words With Friends Prevents Heart Attack

When Simon arrived at the hospital, doctors discovered he had a 99% blockage of the left ventricle of his heart. Dr. Travis Stork said this is called The Widowmaker. He explained that only 1% of the blood was getting through to Simon’s heart.

Getting to the hospital in time saved Simon’s life, and Georgie probably wouldn’t have taken him if it hadn’t been for Beth’s advice while playing Words With Friends.

The Drs TV: Words With Friends Saves a Life

Since these events, Georgie and Simon have gotten close with Beth and Larry, but they’ve never actually met. The Doctors surprised the couples by uniting them in person for the first time. Georgie and Simon were taken backstage while Dr. Travis spoke to Beth and Larry.

Beth is a nurse, and Larry is a physician. They live in America, far away from Georgie and Simon. Dr. Travis said the Australian couple was joining their conversation in person.

The Doctors: Words With Friends

Georgie and Simon came out from backstage for an emotional meeting with their friends from across the globe. Hugs were exchanged and tears flowed.

Dr. Travis said Simon is a good example that you should listen when your spouse suggests that you go to the hospital. What a cool story. I’ll definitely think differently about Words With Friends the next time I play.


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