The Doctors: Winter White Party Health Tips And Answers


The Doctors: Winter White Party

Inspired by Sean “Diddy” Combs and his annual summer white parties, The Doctors are putting their own spin on this tradition with a Winter White Party.

Dr. Lisa Masterson: Is White Chocolate Healthy?

Cocoa bean solids contain antioxidants and bioflavonoids, which are good for heart health and may protect against some cancers. But Dr. Lisa Masterson said this does not give you license to scarf down chocolate bars. She said one or two squares a couple times per week is fine, and you should choose bars containing at least 75% cocoa.


The Doctors: Is Eating Snow Safe?

The Doctors threw a winter white party and answered questions like whether it's safe to eat fresh snow.

However, white chocolate is derived from cocoa butter, and since it does not contain those cocoa solids, it doesn’t come with any of the health benefits of dark chocolate. I’m sure that’s disappointing to some people, but I’m a dark chocolate fan. White chocolate is too rich for me.

The Drs: White Cheeses Vs. Orange Cheeses

Dr. Jim Sears said this is a good question, but color is not a factor when it comes to cheese. White or yellow cheeses can have the same health benefits, and go through the same amount of processing. One isn’t better than the other.


He cautioned against American cheese or processed cheese products that are commonly found at low prices in stores. Dr. Andrew Ordon said that this is because “it’s been processed so much that it’s no longer cheese.” They said you have to check the label to make sure you know what cheese you are buying.

The Doctors: White Wine Vs. Red Wine

A viewer asked if white wine has the same health benefits as red wine, “even though it doesn’t have the red tannins.” Dr. Travis Stork said a glass of red wine can be good for the heart because it contains resveratrol, which is found in the skin of grapes.

He added that resveratrol is found in white wine too, but in smaller amounts, because the skins are kept on for a shorter time. White wine is a natural antibacterial, and it kills things like salmonella. This makes it great for cleaning produce or even scouring your counters. This is a great use for unfinished wine that is no longer good for drinking.

Dr. Andrew Ordon: White Champagne Vs. Dark Champagne

Is white champagne more likely to cause hangovers than dark champagne? Dr. Andrew Ordon said this may be true. This is because of something called congeners, which are produced during fermentation. A 2009 Brown University study showed congeners can contribute to hangovers. Clear beverages such as white wine, vodka, and white champagne have lower amounts of congeners than darker beverages.

But Dr. Ordon’s explanation contradicts his answer. If more congeners mean worse hangovers, and white champagne has fewer of them, doesn’t that mean dark champagne will give you a worse hangover?

The Doctors: Is Eating Snow Safe?

A woman wrote that her neighbor hosts annual snow ice cream parties, where treats are made from real snow. She asked if there was anything to worry about. Dr. Jim Sears said yellow snow is obviously a no-no. But he said there is not a right or wrong answer.

He said it depends on a lot of factors, including where you live. Snow can collect pollutants as it falls through the air. There tend to be more pollutants in the air in big cities. Bacteria from playgrounds and dirt can also affect snow.

Dr. Sears cited a BYU study that found fresh snow found outside the city is safe to eat.

The Doctors: Deni Automatic Ice Cream Maker Giveaway

Dr. Travis Stork shared a sorbet he made using only fresh fruit and milk. He said making your own desserts gives you control over the ingredients. He gave everyone in the audience a Deni Automatic Ice Cream Maker. Click here to purchase a Deni Ice Cream Maker.


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