The Doctors: Why To Wash Your Hands In The Bathroom


The Drs TV: Why to Wash Your Hands After Using The Bathroom

Do you wash your hands after using the bathroom,every time? Don’t lie, because at least ⅓ of people have lax hand washing habits. Not washing your hands after using the bathroom makes you much more likely to catch or spread diseases.

Studies show that 95% of people claim to wash their hands, but only ⅔ of people do. Dr. Travis Stork said the one possible exception is urinals in men’s rooms, where the only thing you touch is your own genitals. Urine is sterile, and theoretically you are not coming into contact with anything else.


The Drs: Washing Hands & Kids

It's important to get kids to wash their hands to prevent disease and discomfort.

The Doctors: Shigellosis Bloody Diarrhea

Dr. Jim Sears said Shigellosis is caused by bathroom bacteria you get on your hands, that gets into your mouth. It’s common in kids and typically presents with bloody diarrhea. Treatments include hydration and antibiotics. But anti-diarrhea medicines will make this condition worse.

Dr. Lisa Masterson: Hepatitis A in Restaurants

Hepatitis A is a common concern in restaurants, because the people handling your food do not wash their hands. This can cause side effects like Jaundice, Fatigue, and Dark Urine. It is also very contagious.


Dr. Travis Stork explained that most common diarrhea is viruses, and they’re passed “via the fecal-oral route.” If you use a public restroom, especially to go #2, it’s very important to wash your hands before leaving.

The Drs TV Show: Vinyl Shower Curtains Are Bad For You

Dr. Travis Stork said an environmental study claimed that vinyl shower curtains release toxic chemicals, causing Asthma, Eye Irritation, and even cancer.

Dr. Andrew Ordon: Popping Blood Vessels While Vomiting

A viewer wanted to know if straining while dry heaving and vomiting can cause a blood vessel to burst. Dr. Andrew Ordon said it is possible to pop a blood vessel anytime you are straining, whether you’re lifting something, vomiting, or even sitting on the toilet. If it is a bruise on the eye, all you can do to treat it is let it run its course.

The Doctors: Vinegar, Rubbing Alcohol & Lemon Cleaning Recipes

Cleaning expert Matt Iseman spent a lot of time in dirty bathrooms on the reality series Clean House. His #1 bathroom cleanliness tip is Keep Your Toilet Handle Clean.

Matt Iseman said bacteria in the shower head can make you sick. To clean your bathroom and go green at the same time, use everyday items like Lemons, Rubbing Alcohol, and White Vinegar.  Click on the following link to find the recipes for making your own household cleaners: Natural Cleaner Recipes.


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