The Doctors: Why Does Poop Smell & Are Air Fresheners Dangerous?


The Doctors TV Show did a segment called “Why Do I Itch & Smell That Way?” and one topic they covered was the smell of poop!  Why Does Poop Smell?  And are air fresheners that are used in the bathroom actually dangerous for your health? The Doctors Air Fresheners Are Bad For You

The Doctors TV Show: Why Does Poop Smell?

The Drs TV Show interviewed several people, all of whom were embarrassed to poop in different situations.  One woman said the most embarrassing thing is to have to poop at your office.  She goes into the bathroom, checks under each stall to make sure nobody is there, and then goes to the bathroom.  And if someone comes into the bathroom while she is in the middle of doing her business, then she waits until they leave to come out.  Another lady said that the worst is when you have to poop at someone’s house and everyone is very quiet so you know they can hear you.  She turns on the water as high as it can go, but she is sure that people can still hear it.


The Doctors said that poop smells because as your food goes through your stomach and through your small intestine (which is where most of the absorption of nutrients occurs), bacteria eat whatever your body does not digest.  The bacteria emit gasses like sulfur which do not smell good.  If you eat certain things, like steak, it can take up to 72 hours to go through your body and can smell pretty badly.

The Doctors: Are Air Fresheners Safe?

The Doctors received a letter from a man named Gabriel who said that his wife freaks out whenever he poops because he refuses to use air freshener.  He says it is healthier to smell poop than to smell the chemicals found in air fresheners.  The Doctors said that this is true to a certain degree because air fresheners can often irritate people with Asthma, Allergies or Bronchitis.

The Doctors TV Show: Air Freshener Alternatives:

The Doctors said that instead of using harmful Air Fresheners, try the following:


– Use a fan

– Light a candle

– Open a window

– Buy an air filter machine

– Try a natural air freshener that is usually made of citrus

– Put essential oils on a cotton ball

– Try the essential oils with natural wood sticks in them for fragrance


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