The Doctors: What to Do in a Tire Blowout & Lebanese Burn Remedy


The Doctors: Defensive Driving and Tire Blowouts

A viewer, Brianna, sent in a video to The Doctors asking what she can do incase of a tire blowout or auto situation to keep herself safe and comfortable. Would you know what to to in a tire blowout?

Dr. Travis Stork sent Brianna to Teen Road to Safety, so she can learn how to make the best choices in a roadside emergency. The first exercise they did was a slalom course, which helped her with her car control.


They also did an exercise to show Brianna how to recover from a blown tire. A good rule of thumb is “no gas, no breaks” when things are out of control. Brianna and her instructor Andrew Wunderlich joined the doctors on the show to discuss more safety tips.

The Doctors: What to Do in a Tire Blowout

The Doctors sent a viewer to a defensive driving course to prepare her in case of a tire blowout. If you do experience a tire blowout, keep your steering wheel straight and ease off of the accelerator slowly.

Wunderlich said that when a tire blows out, the weight of the car will shift to that side and your steering wheel will start shaking. You want to be able to keep the steering wheel straight and gradually take your foot off the accelerator until you’re down to about 20 mph.


After that, turn on your emergency lights and try to get to the right side of the road.

The Doctors in Lebanon: Host Dr. Ibrahim Melki

Dr. Stork shared that The Doctors airs in several countries around the world. There are also different hosts in several of these countries. He showed a clip from the Lebanese version, which included a similar stage.

Dr. Stork said that it seemed like they had more fun on the Lebanese version of The Doctors. One of the hosts of the show, Dr. Ibrahim Melki, joined the American cast to talk about their show.

He said the Lebanese show is similar to the American in that they have four hosts, and one of the hosts is the “hunk.” Melki gestured to Dr. Stork when he said this.

The Doctors: Lebanese Remedies for Cuts and Burns

The show is done in Arabic, but the topics are fairly similar. Melki then answered a viewer question from The Doctors’ Facebook page.

Viewer Cary asked, “What are some of the stranger things your patients have used to treat cuts and burns?”

Melki said that in Lebanon he has seen a few things: coffee grounds for cuts and butter, honey, toothpaste and potato peels for burns. The doctors said that butter is a no-no, but honey has antibacterial healing powers.


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