The Doctors: What To Do If Your Glass Shower Door Shatters


The Doctors: When Glass Shower Doors Shatter

Most people bathe as a way of getting clean, but there could be some dangers lurking in your shower.

Two years ago, Bob Sullivan reached for his glass shower door when all of a sudden, his whole body was surrounded by shards of glass, leaving him with cuts all over his body. With glass all over the bathroom floor as well, Sullivan wasn’t sure how to get out safely.


The Doctors: Glass Shower Doors Combust

The Doctors: What To Do If Your Glass Shower Door Shatters

The Doctors heard from Bob Sullivan, whose glass shower door exploded while he was taking a shower, leaving him covered in glass.

Apparently, tempered glass shower doors are treated under great pressure, and they are prone to combusting. Sullivan said that it’s similar to a glass windshields after a bad car accident.

Sullivan was lucky that after the explosion he didn’t get anything in his eyes, but he said he was picking glass out of his body for the next 24 hours.


Dr. Stork said that it must have been awful to have to come up with an exit strategy from your shower while naked and covered in glass.

Dr. Sears said that he was never going to shower naked again, and that he was going to be sporting safely goggles and a full suit of armor from now on.

The Doctors: How Glass Doors Explode

Eric Stromer, host of Hideous Houses on A&E, showed the doctors exactly how something like this happens. He said that shower doors are designed to handle blunt force trauma, and to prove this he hit the door with a hammer.

However, if you have a hairline crack in the door and you slam it, the door will explode. Stromer demonstrated this with a hole punch, and the door immediately shattered.

The Doctors: How to Safely Get Out of Your Shower

Stromer said it’s important to examine glass shower doors for hairline cracks, especially around the handles and hinges. He said if this were to happen to you while naked in the shower, you should take a big step out and only move one foot at a time. Dr. Sears said you could also try to reach for your towel and lay it across the floor.


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