The Doctors: What Is Joubert Syndrome? Living With Joubert Syndrome


The Doctors: Physics Teacher Raising Son With Joubert Syndrome

Jeff Wright is a physics teacher at a Louisville, Kentucky high school. The Doctors rolled a clip of Jeff Wright with his class, playing games with them and doing experiments. Several students said that they had never had a teacher like him and one said she’ll remember him when she’s 75 years old.

The Doctors: What Is Joubert Syndrome? Living With Joubert Syndrome

At work, Jeff Wright is a teacher expected to know all the answers, but when his son was born with Joubert Syndrome, Jeff Wright really struggled to understand why this happened.


Jeff Wright said that teaching is a passion for him.

The Doctors: What Is Joubert Syndrome?

Jeff Wright is raising a son with Joubert Syndrome. His son is intelligent, but unable to control his body, even though his body is completely functional. Mr. Wright gave an example that his son will sometimes wake up and roll onto the floor.

He said that he questioned God and wondered what the point of it all was when his son was born. But his daughter Abby taught him a lesson once. One day, he went up to her room and Adam, Mr. Wright’s son, was in the middle of all the dolls. He asked her what she was doing and she said she was playing with Adam. She told Adam to grab one of the dolls and he slapped it.


Jeff Wright said for the first time, he realized there was an intelligent little boy trapped in that body.

The Doctors: Living With Joubert Syndrome

In 12 years, Jeff Wright has never been away from his son, until he was on The Doctors. Dr. Travis Stork said it was an honor and a privilege to have him on the show.

Jeff Wright said the only way he’s been able to do this is with the help of others. One person at his church happened to be part of an organization that helps with physical therapy and offered her services. Another girl from his church offered to help out. He said he went to Home Depot, so he could design some things to make his home more disabled-accessible and the employees there was so helpful and were talking directly to his son Adam. He said another man there overheard them and told him he’d been raising a child for 40 years with the same condition.


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