The Doctors: What Causes Pink Eyelids?


The Doctors: Pink Eyelids

In the last two years, Veronica has noticed pink under and around her eyelids. She is curious about what could be causing this.

Dr. Andrew Ordon explained that eyelid skin is the thinnest skin in the body, making it sensitive to allergies and swelling. Rubbing your eyes can also turn the skin around them pink.


Dr Andrew Ordon: Pink Eyelid Causes

The Doctors: What Causes Pink Eyelids?

Dr. Andrew Ordon explained the possible causes for pink skin around the eyelids, which can be caused by allergies and other factors.

Dr. Andrew Ordon asked Veronica some questions to narrow down the cause of her pink eyelids. She said that the pinkness comes and goes, but her eyes get more pink toward the end of the day.

Makeup makes it worse, and she has tried different makeups but the problem persists.


Blepharochalasis: Pink Eyelids

Dr. Andrew Ordon said that if she’d tried a variety of makeups, it may not be allergies. “I think she has what’s called Blepharochalasis,” Dr. Ordon said.

This is a rare condition of recurrent eyelid swelling. The treatment would involve tightening the skin with eyelid surgery and doing some laser resurfacing on the lower eyelids to remove the pink staining.

Dr. Travis Stork could tell that Veronica was alarmed at the prospect of eyelid surgery. He suggested that she start with the laser resurfacing process to see how she felt about those results before considering a more dramatic step like surgery.

Dr Travis Stork: Eye Makeup Irritation

Dr. Travis Stork asked for tips for people who routinely wear makeup around their eyes. He said he has noticed the effects in the last few years of doing the TV show, because they wear makeup on camera.

Dr. Andrew Ordon said you have to experiment and may need to do some research to find out all of the ingredients in the makeup. He suggested looking for makeups with natural ingredients.

If you start to see redness instead of pink, that could indicate something more serious, according to Dr. Travis Stork. He said sudden or increased redness is a warning sign and that you should discuss this with your doctor.

Dr Andrew Ordon: Arthritis Relief

Dr. Andrew Ordon explained how to relieve some of the pain caused by arthritis. Stress on your joints can be alleviated by controlling your weight, which makes getting around easier on your joints.

Water is great for low impact exercise, like swimming laps, water aerobics, or walking in the pool.

Dr. Andrew Ordon also recommended walking to reinforce bone density by placing your full weight on your bones and joints. Walking is also good for your heart, lungs, and endurance. Finally, he suggested yoga.


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