The Doctors: What Causes Armpit Pain?


The Doctors: What Causes Armpit Pain?

The Doctors spent today’s show investigating the surprising causes of pain that might not be what you think. They learned how Chiropractic Treatment can be an effective alternative approach and heard the story of a man suffering from Tethered Cord Syndrome. Next, they turned to another surprising topic: what causes Armpit Pain?

Armpit Pain: The Drs

The Doctors took a look at what causes armpit pain. Most often it's related to infections, but could it be a breast cancer warning sign?


For the most part, infections are what’s behind armpit pain, and the good news is they are easily treatable in a majority of cases. The Doctors explored an array of common circumstances that could lead to noticeable armpit pain.

The Drs: Hidradenitis Suppurativa Vs Lymph Adonitis

Dr Travis Stork said that armpit pain occurs commonly (has it ever happened to you?), and can often be a sign of infection. For women, underarm shaving can let bacteria into small cuts or nicks in the skin, leading to a painful, pus-filled abscess. A rare condition called Hidradenitis Suppurativa, leading to chronic armpit infections.

In other cases, Lymph Adonitis could be to blame. An infection or even a vaccination can swell the lymph nodes. The pectoralis muscle in the chest or other nearby muscles can be torn, which is another cause of armpit pain. If you’ve been moving furniture or had a busy, athletic weekend, this could be the cause of your armpit pain. But at least it’s easy to treat with rest and ice.


The Doctors: Armpit Pain Breast Cancer Risk

Another cause can be a nerve injury to the Brachial Plexus, which can occasionally lead to complications. However, in rare cases, unexplained Armpit Swelling could be a warning sign of Breast Cancer.

If you have Armpit Pain that cannot be traced to one of these other causes, you should follow up with your doctor to have a Breast Exam or Mammogram and find out what is going on with your body.

“Most causes are infectious or benign,” Dr Lisa Masterson said, noting that nursing mothers could notice armpit pain associated with regular feedings, which is nothing to be alarmed about.


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