The Doctors: Weathered Jeans Lung Damage & Bandage Dress Health Risks


The Doctors: Bandage Dresses Can Cause Heartburn

There are things in your closet that could be causing medical problems – from heartburn to headaches and hair loss to fatigue.

Sixty million Americans suffer from heartburn, which occurs when stomach acid is pushed up into the esophagus. Many times this is caused by pressure, and overweight people are especially at risk.


According to Dr. Travis Stork, something in your closet could also be causing this pressure: the bandage dress. Dr. Lisa Masterson said that women wear these dresses to impress, but they could be doing more harm than good.

The doctors asked the model if she could breathe in her bandage dress, and she said breathing wasn’t important because the goal was to look hot.

The Doctors: Weathered Jeans Lung Damage

The sandblasting technique used to make weathered jeans has been linked to deaths among workers from Silicosis.


Dr. Masterson also brought up compression underwear, such as Spanx, that women wear to appear slimmer. They might make you look skinny, but they could make you feel awful. They can also trap sweat and moisture and cause bladder infections.

The model said that she didn’t have any heartburn yet, but there was some “tummy burn.”

The Doctors: Men’s Skinny Jeans and Twisted Testicles

Two percent of men who wear men’s skinny jeans report feeling like they have a twisted testicle. Dr. Stork said that your testicles are meant to descend below your body and be cooler, and when a man wears tight jeans, this doesn’t happen.

If you’re in the market for some baby-making and you wear tight jeans all day, the elevated temperatures will kill off a lot of sperm and jeopardize a man’s reproductive abilities.

Dr. Stork recommended letting your testicles breathe.

Dr. Andrew Ordon also brought up the problem of testicular torsion. This is when the spermatic cord twists on itself and cuts off blood flow to the testicles. This is a medical emergency because when a man goes several hours without blood flow to a testicle, the testicle will die and need to be removed.

The Doctors: Can Weathered Jeans Cause Lung Damage?

A viewer, Emily, wrote in asking if weathered jeans can cause lung damage.

Dr. Stork said that the problem with weathered jeans is how they are made – sandblasting. Tiny particles of silica in the sand can then be inhaled, causing a chronic lung disease called Silicosis. Many workers abroad have even died from Silicosis after sandblasting jeans.

Dr. Stork said that wearing the jeans probably won’t cause you any harm, but they do have an adverse effect on the workers. Dr. Jim Sears said it’s our social responsibility to   consider not buying these jeans because they put others’ lives in harms way.

Several companies have pledged to end sandblasting and are using less harmful ways to get the same look.


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