The Doctors: Ways The Color White Affects You In Winter


The Doctors: 30 Ways The Color White Affects You This Winter

It must be a special day on The Doctors, because The Doctors are dressed for a ski lodge, and everyone in the audience is wearing white hats and scarves. That’s because today’s topic is how the color white affects your health.

Dr. Travis Stork: White Blood Cells Protect Us

The Doctors: Ways The Color White Affects You In Winter

The Doctors answered questions about all things white.


How do white blood cells protect us in the winter? Dr. Travis Stork said there are several different types of white blood cells. The Doctors shared a microscopic video of white blood cells eating bacteria. Neutrophils are a type of white blood cell that find and destroy bacteria.

To keep your white blood cells in fighting shape, Dr. Travis Stork recommended getting seven to eight hours of sleep per night. He also suggested staying hydrated, exercising 30 minutes each day, and eating antioxidant-rich foods.

The Doctors: Tooth Whiteners for Kids

Drinking more coffee or cocoa during the cold winter months can affect the whiteness of your teeth. A home viewer asked if it is safe to let her child use a home tooth whitening kit. Dr. Jim Sears said kids with yellow teeth are probably consuming too much sugary snacks or sodas, and that should be cut out of their diet.


Dr. Jim Sears said tooth whitening kits are not recommended for kids, especially younger than age 12, because it can damage their still-developing teeth. Instead, he recommended sprinkling baking soda on the toothbrush. You can also consult with a dentist.

The Doctors: Lemon Nail Whitener

Winter temperatures can wreak havoc on your fingernails. Dr. Lisa Masterson explained that yellow nails can indicate diabetes or fungus. But she said usually in the winter, it’s because your nails and skin are dry and porous. She recommended using lemon, a natural bleacher.

She squeezed the juice from a fresh lemon onto the fingernails of Dr. Jim Sears, who said that this can also help if you are a frequent nail biter.

Dr. Lisa Masterson said you can also use effervescent baking soda tablets, normally used to clean dentures. Once the tablets dissolve, you can soak your fingers.

The Drs TV Show: Egg Whites Vs. Powdered Egg Whites

A viewer emailed The Doctors to say she is making a habit of eating egg whites for breakfast. She wanted to ask whether powdered egg whites are a good alternative in a pinch. Dr. Travis Stork said powdered egg whites work well in recipes, have a longer shelf life, and eliminate the possibility of salmonella. But he said they are not intended to be eaten on their own.

Dr. Travis Stork recommended using farm fresh eggs. He added that the egg yolk includes many nutrients, including Choline. The cholesterol in egg yolks has not been proven to raise your cholesterol.

The Doctors: How To Prevent Whiteheads After Waxing

Dr. Lisa Masterson said facial hair tends to be finer and thinner than in other areas of the body. Waxing can cause these hairs to break off just beneath the surface, which leads to irritation and eventually a whitehead, or an infected ingrown hair. More frequent waxing helps, as well as making sure your face is clean before you wax, which can reduce infection.

Dr. Andrew Ordon: White Patches On Skin After Tanning

A viewer wrote and said they noticed white patches on their skin after visiting a tanning bed. Is this something to be concerned about? Dr. Andrew Ordon shared a 2011 study that found that every four times you visit a tanning bed, your risk of Basal-cell carcinoma jumps by 15%, and Melanoma risk rises by 11%.

Dr. Andrew Ordon said white spots indicate depigmentation, and a possible cause is the skin condition Vitiligo. It could also be a yeast acquired at the tanning facility, called Tinea versicolor, which can be treated similarly to dandruff.

Dr. Jim Sears: Does Baby Powder Cause SIDS?

A Facebook user wrote in about their baby’s skin, saying the baby is chafing. But a friend said not to use baby powder, because it can cause SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Dr. Jim Sears said there is no study linking SIDS to baby powder.

But he said that a British study of 30 cases of respiratory problems included eight instances where babies died after accidentally inhaling baby powder during a diaper change. He said he does not recommend using baby powder.


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