The Doctors: Vitamin E & Saline Nasal Spray – Red Nose Remedies


The Doctors: Red Nose Remedies

The Doctors: Vitamin E & Saline Nasal Spray - Red Nose Remedies

The Doctors discuss how to keep your nose from being red and dry and a great way to apply a saline spray to a child. Get these red nose remedies to try.

Lorrie, a member of the audience, asked how she can get rid of the uncomfortable feeling of a dry, red and itchy nose after she blows her nose. She even went as far as to ask how she can get the boogers on the tip of her nose from sticking there. Dr. Ordon explained the nose secretes water and mucus and needs both of these to keep germs out of the nose and to keep the body healthy.


Some things such as weather and sickness can increase the amount of mucus and water in the nose. When the excess water and mucus dries, it cause a the nose to feel dry and itchy. Dr. Ordon recommended using steam or gently dabbing with a wet cloth to keep the nose moist. Dr. Ordon also recommended rubbing Vitamin E on the nose to keep it moist.

Do you have any other solutions to keeping a nose moist? I have used chap stick in the past to keep my nose from drying out. Tell us what you use in the comments section below.

The Doctors: Runny Noses on Kids

For younger children Dr. Sears recommended the use of a saline nasal spray. Dr. Sears also mentioned it would be a good idea to make it game for the children, since few people like having things stuck in their noses and then sprayed. Let the child spray some of the solution in your nose and then spray some into the child’s nose.  And never use the same saline spray said The Doctors.



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