The Doctors: Vitamin A & Calcium Vegetable Health Benefits


How To Get Kids To Eat Vegetables

The Doctors asked kids where vegetables come from. The children were on the right track when it came to veggies growing in the ground. Children were split on their favorite and least favorite vegetables.

What is your favorite veggie? What was your childhood favorite?


The Doctors: Vegetable Health Benefits

The Doctors agreed that balancing a variety of veggies in your diet will help you reap the maximum health benefits.

Vitamin A Health Benefits

Dr. Jim Sears said it’s common knowledge that Vitamin A is good for your eyes. But it “is also a good immune booster. It actually can help stave off colds and flus, if you get enough Vitamin A,” he said.

Picky kids may not be getting the health benefits of vegetables. He explained that you’d have to eat 30 cups of Green Beans to get the amount of Vitamin A found in just one cup of carrots.


“It’s really hard to overdose on carrots,” Dr. Jim said.

Calcium Health Benefits

Most people get their daily calcium allowance from three daily servings of dairy. You can find it in Orange Juice, as well as Collard Greens.

Liz Vaccariello, author of The Digest Diet, said that calcium can help you release fat. She explained that low calcium is correlated with high body fat.

Collard Greens Vs Brussels Sprouts

One cup of Collard Greens has the same amount of Calcium as seven cups of Brussels Sprouts.

“Every single vegetable has something in it that’s unique,” Dr. Travis said. “That’s what I love about food.”

Dr. Jim said it’s important to include a variety of veggies in your diet.

The Drs TV: Food Hazards

The Doctors talked about a lot of health hazards and dangers found in our everyday foods during the show today.

Dr. Travis had one final warning, advising everyone to avoid foods with high amounts of sugar, sodium, or saturated fat. “But the reality is, you do have to ask yourself, ‘What else is in my food?’”

Though the amount of additives, chemicals and preservatives in our foods have increased, the good news is that healthier options also abound now more than ever.

“Today, the choice is yours,” Dr. Travis said, urging us to read food labels and choose healthy alternatives as often as possible.

The Doctors: Reader’s Digest Giveaway

Liz gave everyone in the studio audience a copy of The Digest Diet, which is not yet in bookstores. She also gave away a one year subscription to Reader’s Digest.

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