The Doctors: Visit The Doctor & Manage Your Stress


The Doctors: Medical Treatments

Dr. Travis Stork said 40% of Americans put off medical treatments because of financial concerns. He said you can’t keep putting these things off, and their health goal for June is to take care of these routine exams.

The Doctors Bladeless Laser Eye Surgery

Putting off medical treatments can make your problems worse and more expensive.


Dr. Lisa Masterson said for women this includes pap smears, mammograms, and doctor’s breast exams, because things can come up suddenly. The longer you wait, the more damage to your body they can cause, and the more expenses you may face.

Dr. Andrew Ordon said men need to think about prostate exams and colonoscopies, in addition to cholesterol and blood pressure.

Dr. Jim Sears: Laser Eye Surgery

Dr. Jim Sears recently underwent a surgery of his own that he’s been putting off. He is near-sighted, like me, meaning he has trouble seeing things at a distance.


He decided to undergo laser vision correction with opthamologist Dr. Tom Tooma. The laser used gives off 5 million pulses per second, which is three times faster than other lasers, making it more comfortable for the patient. It also leads to a faster recovery.

After putting numbing drops in his eyes, Dr. Sears was on the operating table. They even kept his lids open to prevent him from blinking. The laser part of the procedure only lasted 18 seconds.

The Doctors: Bladeless Laser Eye Surgery

In the studio, Dr. Tooma explained that the speed and energy this laser uses makes the procedure smoother and recovery faster. Using an animation, Dr. Tom Tooma explained how the process works, by changing the curvature of the eye.

Dr. Travis Stork praised Dr. Jim Sears for setting a good example by facing the medical procedure he’d been putting off.

Dr. Lisa Masterson: Stress Busting Tips

Dr. Lisa Masterson said stress is not just in your head. It affects your metabolism and immune system, which can have major health effects. Eliminating stress is impossible, so managing it is key.

Keep A Journal

Research shows that venting or writing in a journal can help with stress, anxiety, and depression.

Meditate Or Pray

Prayer or meditation can improve your coping ability and lower your blood pressure.


Working out releases endorphins, which lower stress in your body.


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