The Doctors: Viral Photo Of Couple Reuniting After Car Crash

The Doctors: Couple Grateful After Surviving Terrifying Car Crash

The Doctors shared a photo of a couple reuniting in the hospital after a horrifying car crash, explaining that the touching photo went viral. Wanting to know more about the story behind it, The Doctors located the couple so they could share exactly what happened. Arika and Hunter were heading back to Nashville on New Year’s Day. They had been driving for about eight hours and were just 20 minutes from home when Hunter remembers feeling really tired. Arika was asleep but was shooken awake by the truck’s violent movement.


According to Hunter, they hit a bump in the grass and it felt as if the suspension was knocked off. Within seconds they were off the road, reading straight for a bridge pillar at about 75 miles per hour. They hit four poles on the driver’s side of the truck, with the fourth pole bent the truck in half and threw them up into the bridge support system, before spinning around completely and ending on a guard rail. Hunter was pinned inside the truck with his head halfway through the windshield.

The Doctors: Viral Photo Of Couple Reuniting After Car Crash

A couple shared their story with The Doctors after a photo of them went viral when they were reunited after a horrific car crash. (vince_ander / Flickr)


The Doctors: Viral Photo Of Couple Reuniting After Car Crash

Hunter blacked out until he woke up in the hospital to see his brother there. The first thing Hunter asked was “where’s Arika?” The last image Arika had of hunter, was of him up against the steering wheel. Doctors told Hunter that he could go see Arika, and as soon as he did Arika began crying as they were overwhelmed with their ability to touch, hug, and kiss one another. The night Arika got home from the hospital she posted the picture of Hunter looking at her in the hospital, and by the next morning it had already been shared thousands of times.

The couple is now just so thankful to be alive! Hunter admitted that he didn’t have his seatbelt on, and acknowledged the risk of driving while tired. The Doctors laughed at the fact that the couple was so determined to kiss, even while both of them were wearing neck braces.

The Doctors: Face Swap Live App

Switching gears, The Doctors then talked about a brand new app that can give you an instant face transplant called Face Swap Live. It takes the faces in a picture and swaps them, creating hilarious and somewhat disturbing images. Dr Jim Sears said he downloaded the app and it was the most fun he’s had on a night in, in a long time! The photos and videos he was able to put together were nothing short of hysterical!

Some of the pictures, however, were truly frightening! Frightening was the word of the day and you can use the word frightening on The Doctors’ website to enter for a chance to win a 16-piece dinnerware set from LivLiga.

The Doctors: Social Media Saved Girl With Tumor

Next, The Doctors shared images of a 4-year-old girl from India who had been living with a large tumor growing out the back of her school, ever since birth. The tumor would’ve eventually ruptured, killing her, and her parents couldn’t afford the operation to save her. But thanks to the kindness of strangers on social media, her story reached government officials and over the holidays, doctors at King George’s Medical Center performed a life-saving operation to remove the tumor. Thankfully, the massive tumor was benign.

The Doctors: Don’t Shop While Hungry

Before the end of the show, The Doctors shared their prescription of the day, which was a trick to prevent buying unhealthy foods just because you’re hungry. Carry a water bottle into the store with you and as you walk around, take a sip of water. Consider it a healthy drinking game!


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