The Doctors: Vertical Frown Wrinkles Osteoporosis Risk


The Doctors: Skin Warning Signs

The human body is an amazing system, and it works hard to alert us to things that are potentially going wrong, from the inside out. A variety of warnings and indicators can help you be aware of what’s going on under your skin.

The skin itself can be a great warning system. Dermatologist Dr. Glynis Ablon shared three skin warning signs to watch for.


The Doctors: Wrinkles & Osteoporosis

Could your wrinkles or other skin conditions be revealing underlying medical conditions?

Red Cheek Patches

These can be a sign of Rosacea, a form of adult acne.

Butterfly Pattern On Face : Lupus

This could indicate Lupus, a serious medical condition.


Photosensitivity To Sunlight

This is caused by sun exposure and can occur anywhere on the body. If a sunburn or other skin mark doesn’t clear up normally, you may have an autoimmune problem.

Dark Neck Skin

Dark skin in the neck or armpits can be a sign of excess weight or even Diabetes.

Read more about Acanthosis Nigricans.

Dehydration Causes Wrinkles

Dr. Andrew Ordon said even your wrinkles can tell you about your body. Wrinkles that seemingly appear overnight are often a sign of Dehydration. Drink water or eat some veggies to get the moisture your skin needs.

Wrinkles Osteoporosis Sign in Women

Vertical Frown Lines on the forehead, which Dr. Andrew compared to looking like goal posts, could indicate Osteoporosis in women, according to a recent study. Dr. Lisa Masterson added that decreasing Estrogen as women age can lead to wrinkles and Osteoporosis. Dr. Lisa said some Facial Creams used to contain Estrogen to compensate for this.

Sardines Good Source of Calcium & Vitamin D

Calcium and Vitamin D are good for bone health, especially in women. Dr. Lisa said it’s better to get your Calcium through your diet, but supplements can make up the difference.

She recommended eating sardines, though it’s important to pay attention to sodium content in canned sardines. Dairy products and other calcium rich foods can also be great additions to your diet.


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