The Doctors: Urgent Med House Calls, 24/7 Daycare & Hypersomnia


The Doctors: Nighttime Health Problems

If you’ve ever wondered what The Doctors set would look like if it were on in late night instead of daytime, today’s set answered those questions. It featured living room furniture, street lamps, and cool blue tones.

Can you imagine watching this show right before bed though? You’d spend all night tossing and turning, thinking about the health problems you heard and wondering if you or your loved ones have them.


The Doctors: Alarm Clock Headaches

If headaches are waking you from a deep sleep, it could be caused by Alarm Clock Headaches.

Stars of Love Childcare Review

The Doctors shared a news report about Stars Of Love Childcare, which offers daycare 24 hours, seven days a week. They report that the staff is busy throughout the day and night. Not only will the staff get kids ready for school in the morning, they let parents check in by watching online cameras to keep up with what’s going on.

Dr. Travis Stork wondered if these places had beds for the children to sleep in. Dr. Jim Sears said they do have beds, but he said it would be difficult to imagine someone else tucking his kids in at night. He fondly recalled the nighttime routine.


Dr. Andrew Ordon agreed that kids appreciate the nighttime routine, but The Doctors agreed that this is a viable option for parents who have to work late shifts. But Dr. Jim Sears recommended striving for consistency in your daycare to help your kids get comfortable with a routine.

Would you leave your children in an overnight daycare?

The Doctors: House Calls

Linda shared her story of breaking her foot in a horseback riding accident. Since it was her right foot, she couldn’t drive, and she wasn’t looking forward to spending a Saturday night in the emergency room.

She found a service called Urgent Med House Calls. Within one hour, a doctor and X-ray tech showed up at Linda’s house to treat her foot. They even brought her crutches. That sounds awesome.

Urgent Med House Calls Review

Dr. John Horning is an emergency physician who works with Urgent Med House Calls. He chatted with The Doctors on Polycom to talk about bringing the classic idea of house calls into the 21st century.

“I started doing this about five years ago, after 14 years of practicing emergency medicine, and I’ve been having a great time ever since,” Dr. Horning said.

Doctors will bring urgent care services to your home, office, or hotel in the San Fransisco area. Dr. Horning said advances in technology give him and other doctors the ability to perform tests and get fast results in the field. They can even do X-rays in your living room.

I hope this service spreads throughout the country, because it’s something I would definitely prefer.

Do Headaches Keep You Awake?

If you have trouble sleeping at night because of nighttime headaches that wake you up, it could be something called Alarm Clock Headaches. Dr. Michael Breus is a sleep specialist, and he explained that this phenomenon is found in 1% of people, who suddenly awake in the middle of the night with splitting headaches.

Dr. Michael said there is a solution you can try that could alleviate your symptoms. By going to sleep and waking up at the same times every day, you will allow your body to get important REM sleep and hopefully prevent these types of headaches.

The Doctors Cluster Headaches

Dr. Travis said these can also be called Cluster Headaches and are typically centered behind one eye. It’s a pretty uncommon condition, and you may need to see a doctor to get some advice if headaches are waking you up.

For better sleep. Dr. Andrew Ordon suggested avoiding stress before bed. He said you should turn off the computer and cell phone, and try not to be in a bad mood when you head to bed.

Nightly headaches can also be a sign of more serious health problems, so if they persist, you should get them checked out.

The Doctors: Waking Up Disoriented

Dr. Travis brought up the phenomenon of waking up in the middle of the night and being confused about everything around you. I have experienced this when I am traveling and sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings.

Dr. Breus said a little disorientation is normal when you first wake up. But more serious cases are called Hypersomnia with Sleep Drunkenness, where this confusion can persist for as long as one hour.

The Doctors: Hypersomnia With Sleep Drunkenness

Dr. Lisa agreed that travel can be a cause for confusion. I hear you, Dr. Lisa. Dr. Jim said sleeping on the other side of the bed can even be disorienting. Dr. Ordon shared a story about a hotel trip years ago where his mistook his wife’s suitcase for the bathroom.

Dr. Travis mentioned that sticking to a sleep schedule and avoiding alcohol can help you avoid these effects. He said you can have a similar experience if you take a long nap and get into deep sleep during the day.

“Good sleep is so important,” Dr. Andrew said. He suggested avoiding caffeine and alcohol, and getting exercise during the day.


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