The Doctors: UFC Self Defense Tips & Oral Cancer Prevention


The Doctors: Gel Pepper Spray

Briana is a student and she has a question about personal safety. She is often out late at night, and she is concerned about crime and she doesn’t know much about self defense. She asked The Doctors for tips she can use to defend herself.

Briana and UFC Fighting Champion Rich Franklin joined Dr. Travis Stork to talk about personal safety. Rich Franklin said if your attacker wants your purse, you can choose to throw your purse away from you, which can deflect the attacker.


The Doctors: UFC Self Defense Tips

Find out how to protect yourself with a UFC fighting champion.

But if the attacker is after you, he may grab you by the arm. Rich Franklin said your natural reaction would be to pull back, but that is not going to overpower an attacker that is larger or stronger than you. You can bend or twist your arm toward the thumb to try to escape an assailant’s grasp. The thumb is the weaker part of the grip.

The Doctors TV: Pepper Spray

Once you break away, your choices are to hit the attacker or run away if you think you can outrun the perpetrator. Dr. Travis Stork said there is also a new Self Defense Pepper Spray gel that has better trajectory, and will light up if exposed to UV light.


That means it can help the police identify an attacker who flees the scene after being sprayed. Dr. Travis Stork said that getting dangerous people off the streets helps everyone.

The Drs: Oral Cancer Prevention With Avocado Extract

Oral cancer is treatable and has a 90% survival rate, if it’s detected early. Dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman said recent research has found that Avocado Extracts can kill or stop the growth of oral cancer cells.

He said that your dentist can look through a scope and see oral cancer before you can find it with the naked eye. Dr. Jim Sears said you can use avocado on sandwiches instead of mayonnaise.

Dr. Travis Stork said preparation can make the difference when you are faced with an emergency. He said, “Be prepared and think before tragedy strikes.”


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