The Doctors TV Show: Winterize Your Baby & Germs Stroller Sign


The Doctors TV Show did an entire show on the topic of How to Winterize Your Family. The Drs TV Show mentioned some tips for How to Winterize Your Baby with Dr Michael Schoenwetter, creator of Newborn Care 101 – What Parents Need to Know. The Doctors Winterize Your Baby

The Doctors TV Show: How to Dress Your Baby in the Winter

The Doctors said that most parents think that you should keep your baby much more bundled than you really should.  Overheating is a factor for SIDS.  A baby should be lightly dressed to sleep and the temperature in the room should be comfortable for adults.  Put your hand behind the nape of the neck of the baby, and if it is very hot or damp with sweat, then you have an overheated baby and should remove a layer.  If the baby is cold, of course you should add a layer.  And avoid purchasing baby clothes with cords because they are a chocking and strangling hazard.


The Doctors TV Show: Please Wash Your Hands Before Touching Mine Stroller Sign

The Doctors showed a brilliant little sign that you can attach to your baby’s stroller that says “Please Wash Your Hands Before Touching Mine” so that adults do not come up to your baby and touch him or her with their germy, dirty hands.

The Doctors TV Show: Car Seat Winter Coat Instructions

The Doctors said that a big mistake that many parents make is to loosen up the strap on the car seat to make room for a bulky coat.  But during an accident, the coat compresses and you can get lots of room which puts the baby at risk.  Dr Travis Stork said that car seats can be more dangerous than no car seat at all if it is not set-up properly.  So, take your baby’s coat off to adjust the car seat strap properly, and then when you put your baby in the car seat, just tuck the jacket all around instead of loosening the straps.

The Doctors: Baby Stuffy Nose Remedy: Hose the Nose

The Doctors TV Show said that little noses get stuff too, but you cannot give young babies a bunch of medicine.  Dr Jim Sears has a remedy called Hose the Nose where you put Saline Drops into your babies nostril (only one nostril at a time since babies cannot breathe out of their mouth).  Let the Saline sit in their nostril for a little bit and then remove it with a Nasal Aspirator.  This is a great Natural Decongestant for your baby.


The Doctors: Winter Baby Food with Mushrooms

Dr Jim Sears also said that babies do not get enough Vitamin D, especially in the winter.  Mushrooms are a great source of Vitamin D so click here for Dr Jim Sear’s Mushroom Salmon Baby Food.


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