The Doctors TV Show: Why Do Teeth Shift As You Get Older?

The Doctors TV Show was focused on the topic of Why Is My Body Changing. They answered all kinds of questions on topics from hair loss to cellulite to changes “down there.” The Drs TV Show spoke about why your teeth shift as you get older. The Doctors Why Do Teeth Get Crooked As You Age

The Doctors: Why Do Teeth Shift As You Age?

A man contacted The Doctors because he had braces for four years when he was younger, which left him with the perfect smile.  But now his teeth are all crooked again.  Can your smile really change?  And what can be done about shifting teeth?


The Doctors: Beverly Hills Orthodontics

The Doctors went to Beverly Hills Orthodontics to get some answers, but they said there is no easy answer.  Shifting of teeth happens as you get older and there are several things that you can do including Invisalign, braces on the back of your teeth, and afterward you can use a retainer to make sure your teeth don’t get crooked again.  Another reason that people’s teeth shift is because they smoke, which can lead to bone loss, which can make your teeth shift.


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