The Doctors TV Show: When Does A Boy’s Voice Change?


The Doctors TV Show was focused on the topic of Why Is My Body Changing. They answered all kinds of questions on topics from hair loss to cellulite to changes “down there.” The Drs TV Show spoke about when boys go through puberty.  A son and mom asked The Doctors when is his voice going to change so that he sounds like a man? The Doctors TV Show Male Puberty

The Doctors: When Does a Boy’s Voice Change?

Dr Travis Stork said that he was a late bloomer too.  All of the other boys had hair on their legs, but Dr Stork did not have it yet.


The Doctors: What Causes a Boy’s Voice to Change?

The Doctors said that your larynx has vocal chords, and as you go through puberty and it grows, you get an Adams Apple and your voice gets deeper.  But your vocal chords take time to get used to a bigger larynx, so during that time your voice cracks.  The Voice Cracking should only last 6 months at most, and most male voices go down by an octave.

The good news is that all teenagers go through this, because it is a part of growing up.  Dr Andrew Ordon said that everything changes and some boys feel too thin or too fat or have skin problems – oh the joys of going through puberty!


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